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“Exit Intent Plugin – Imagine Having The Power To Turn Leaving Visitors Into Buyers!

Recover bouncing visitors with unobtrusive exit intent popup shown at the precise moment your visitor is about to leave your website.

Entice Visitors to Take Action Before They Abandon Your Website!

What is “exit intent technology?” This is a relatively new term but you will definitely be hearing about it more in the future. If you are an Internet marketer, this is an invaluable tool to boost your conversions, or the conversions of your clients who pay you to increase their conversion rates. It works by automatically detecting when a visitor is about to leave your website and shows up a “targeted call-to-action” in front of them, and may get them to stay on your site, giving you another chance to engage with them. This is similar in the real world to offering a better price to someone as they are about to leave your store. And it is all done simply and automatically using this great, new exit intent WordPress plugin…!”