Ezra Firestone – Traffic MBA:Smart Project Management

Through my blog at Smart Marketer I get the opportunity to relate with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs

Do you want to know what the number one thing I see is?

Literally 9 out 10 company owners I speak to are overworked, under systematized and either burned out already or heading toward it…

I can recognize it from across the room at events…

It’s the MOST common experience for people who run companies, at some point or another they push to far, do too much and it ends up costing them in some major way

My philosophy on business is that it’s a marathon

I want consistent sustainable pace and growth in all areas of the business

I want to plant seeds and water them every day and grow mango orchards that feed my family for generations

Rather than going out and spearing a pig and eating for a day…

So what does this have to do with your business?

Well I’ve been building companies online for the past 12 years and I’ve learned a few things about team building (or as I call it, “buying help”) and ongoing project management

In this training tonight I’m going to cov

+ How to “buy help”

+ My simple process for organizing projects

+ The story of how a project manager revolutionized my business

+ How you can get me to help you organize and systematize your business

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