Irvin Peña – The Youtube Growth Academy

What You Get:

Learn the EXACT strategies, SEO growth hacks and algorithm secrets that boosted my social media presence from 0 to 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube in LESS than SIX months with ZERO prior video editing or YouTube experience. You will learn how I built a $25,000+ PER MONTH online income from YouTube from scratch without cutting any corners or leaving out any IMPORTANT information so that you also, can DUPLICATE your own SUCCESS. This course will share ALL of the secrets I’ve learned along the way that & used personally to build out my brand and channel. 

The step-by-step strategies in this course is what I I used to grow my entire YouTube audience and online career while still working my full time job at the time. I will show you how to find the right keywords to attract your ideal customers, how to edit your videos faster, how to optimize and upload your videos on YouTube and how to properly share your videos online to get 5-10x the reach you would normally have. I’ve been able to narrow down and pinpoint specific techniques that help with ORGANIC growth on YouTube channels. While we take a deep dive into some of these techniques I can assure you these simple yet effective hacks to DOUBLE and even TRIPLE the Youtube ad revenue you make from your videos within weeks. Here’s the best part….it doesn’t require you to buy any ads…it will be ORGANIC!

I’ve studied just about every other Youtube program out there & I can confidently say I have yet to see a Youtube how-to course as detailed and comprehensive as this. Just check out a few of the public lessons & video topics! You will be able to take an inside look into my entire blueprint of for making YouTube videos and turning it into a highly profitable six-figure business even if you’re starting out part time. Whether your channel is an established one and you’re looking to get to that next level or you’re literally about to make your very first video you will still be able to learn something new from this course. Sometimes it just takes a minor tweak, to see that change you’ve been looking for!

You will learn my tips & tricks that I’ve never shared before to help you produce high quality content that attracts more views, INCREASES your number of loyal subscribers & how to monetize your channel outside of Youtube with paid partnerships, affiliates, courses, sponsors & more.

Course Curriculum


• How I went from 0-50k Subscriber in less than 6 months(10:14)
• What to expect from the program(2:10)
• Can you Make Good Money FAST? YES! (Proof: $25k+ Ad Revenue)(2:24)

Getting Started

• Why Youtube?(4:59)
• Before you make another video watch this(1:49)
• Picking a channel name(3:32)
• Do THIS EVERY-TIME you make a video(6:50)
• What kind of videos should you be making(4:14)
• Type of channels & niches – Which one should you pick?(3:59)

The Creator’s Mindset – Watch This Before You Make Another Video

• Handling Doubt(11:31)
• Dealing With Hate In The Comments(4:39)
• How To Stay Creative(14:49)
• Avoiding Burnout(6:13)
• Don’t forget about this (VERY IMPORTANT)(2:04)
• YouTuber Daily Schedule(8:38)

Intro To Youtube

• Creating a channel step-by-step(7:18)
• Selecting A Video Topic(6:22)
• Let’s make our FIRST video!(8:46)
• Fastest way to get 100 SUBS(11:41)

How To Monetize Your Channel

• Requirements For Youtube Partnership(2:37)
• Highest Paid Channel Types (Pay Per 1000 Views)(11:41)
• The FASTEST Way to get Monetized(4:16)

Multiple Sources of Income from Youtube

• Youtube Ad Revenue(3:05)
• How much income my channel generates(6:18)
• How to make more money per video. (Increase your CPM & $ per video)(7:04)
• Brand Awareness & Social Proof(3:48)
• Attract MORE Business(5:58)
• Sponsorships/Brand Deals(8:25)
• Affiliate Marketing(5:39)
• How to make $100,000 Per Year From YouTube(26:32)
• How to turn your YouTube Channel into a Career(7:22)

Camera Gear, Audio Set-up & Editing Software

• What camera should you use?(10:27)
• Do I need an expensive computer to start? What should I get?(2:59)
• DSLR Camera vs Phone Camera(2:09)
• What tripod should you get(1:42)
• Audio setup (Different Microphone Test)(16:28)
• Keeping a good work flow & storage(2:09)
• Lighting(2:08)
• How much does video quality actually matter?(2:18)
• Types of video backgrounds & backdrops(2:46)
• Video Editing software(0:55)

Video Editing 101

• How to Edit videos(22:49)
• Tips for SPEED Editing(5:36)

Mistakes & Pitfalls To Watch out For

• Mistake #1(3:51)
• Mistake #2(2:51)
• Mistake #3(3:44)
• Mistake #4(1:53)
• Mistake #5(2:04)

The Youtube Algorithm

• Why Videos Go VIRAL(6:30)
• Why do some videos perform better than others?(5:40)
• The Viral Video FORMULA(10:36)
• Algorithm Secret #1(6:27)
• Algorithm Secret #2(4:13)
• How To Get Your Video Recommended By Youtube(6:18)
• Leverage the Leaders(7:49)
• The TRUTH about views, audiences & retention(2:08)

How to create ATTENTION-grabbing videos

• Do this EVERY-TIME(6:50)
• Does length matter? How long does a video need to be?(2:15)
• Make content that’s EXCITING to watch(3:40)
• Creating the PERFECT thumbnail(14:49)

Creating Content

• The BIGGEST SECRET when making video content(9:09)
• Two Groups EVERY BIG channel knows about(4:31)
• How long does it take to make a video?(3:30)
• Why you NEED to diversify!(6:00)
• How often should I post? (Myth Debunked)(2:28)
• Should you make your videos flow together? (In parts)(2:36)
• Making videos with your face showing or not?(3:23)

What to say & how to say it (Tips for speaking on camera)

• The most important 30 seconds of EVERY video(4:00)
• Pitch, Tempo & Cadence Techniques(8:52)
• Hooks, Delivery & Intentions(6:39)

SEO Secrets for FASTER results

• How to create a catchy title that ranks on the 1st page(11:46)
• How to strategically arrange your channel for more views(2:37)
• Choosing the PERFECT video tags(3:14)
• You won’t grow on Youtube unless you ASK for THIS!(2:24)
• The 5 Fastest Way to grow a channel(19:00)
• What to do IMMEDIATELY after posting a video(4:56)
• Adding End Screen Videos + End Card Tutorial(3:10)
• BOOST the algorithm by doing this(1:40)
• Secret to getting MORE views & LONGER watch time(6:36)
• Big Channel SECRET Sauce(4:11)


• How to use Social Proof to Gain Subscribers(3:21)
• Should you Premier your videos?(1:14)
• Should you go Live?(2:34)
• Solving Youtube “Processing” Issues (Stuck at 0% or 95% or 99%)(1:52)
• Dealing with Copyright Claims and Issues(2:28)
• How to collab with other channels? Does it actually help?(5:18)
• Should you join an MCN(2:45)
• Should you buy views and subs?(2:53)

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