John Sonmez – 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

Earn $100 with Your Blog in the Next 90 Days — Guaranteed


This program truly is the resource I wish I’d had when I was starting out.

It’s a whirlwind tour of all of the different ways I know of to earn money from your blog.

I’ll show you every technique I’m using with Simple Programmer—and even several revenue streams that I haven’t had a chance to implement yet.

You’ll see live examples of how other bloggers are using these income-generating approaches…

And even get a few “sneak peeks” at the revenue I’m generating with Simple Programmer.

In this video series, you’ll discover:

  • What’s a REALISTIC goal for how much you can earn with your blog?
  • How to earn more from advertising by cutting out the middle man
  • One question to ask before you try to make money with your blog if you want to maximize what you’ll earn (and keep the trust of your readers)
  • How to find companies that will pay you for access to your audience
  • 3 non-obvious ways to sell advertising (much more profitably too)
  • How I turn every blog post at Simple Programmer into a income-boosting opportunity
  • Not making money yet? Step 1a to start earning money with your blog today
  • A tempting trap that can make you some money today, but destroy your blog before you have a chance to really earn more down the road
  • Don’t have a lot of traffic yet? You can still make money from your blog—a lot of money actually
  • The costliest mistake I made when starting Simple Programmer, and what you can do TODAY to avoid making the same error
  • 3 things you can offer on your blog that require almost no upfront work
  • How some developers are able to quickly make enough income to quit their day job and support themselves using their blog
  • An easy, “why not” way to generate a few bucks a month (or maybe more)
  • How a small but dedicated fan base could bring in enough revenue to pay your mortgage each month
  • 10+ ways to get people to pay you for the knowledge you already have
  • One step you must start TODAY that will be a “force multiplier” on everything else you do with your blog later on
  • How the “podcast king” makes money by borrowing the expertise of other developers


BONUS: Exclusive “Open Kimono” Tour of My Simple Programmer Business

Recently I hosted a “look over my shoulder” presentation for a select few diehard supporters of Simple Programmer…

In this video, which is not for sale anywhere else, you’ll watch as I fire up my screen sharing software, open up the Simple Programmer books, and step through my income streams line by line.

You’ll see exactly what strategies I’m using to monetize Simple Programmer—and how much revenue each channel brings in.

When was the last time someone offering you “business advice” was willing to be that transparent with you?

As you can see, I’ve packed a LOT into this short course.

This package represents 7-8 years of hard-won knowledge that I’ve accumulated while building Simple Programmer from a brand new blog to a 6-figure business.

And let me tell you—If there was any way I could stuff myself into a time capsule and zap myself back to 2009 when Simple Programmer was just getting started…

This knowledge would have earned me thousands of dollars—even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Back then I’d have jumped at the chance to pay $500 or even $1,000 for this information.

And it would have been well worth it, because the investment would have paid for itself hundreds of times over.

You won’t have to pay $1,000 for this information, though.

If you know me, you know how strongly I believe that every software developer should have a blog.

And I know firsthand how motivating it is as a blogger when you see dollars flowing into your back account as a result of the words you write.

I want you to have that same experience—to feel that surge of enthusiasm when you see people actually willing to pay you for your ideas.

So I’ve decided to set the price tag on this course low enough so it doesn’t break the bank.

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