Jon Loomer – Failing to Scaling 2018

From Failing to Scaling

Trusted Strategies for Account Recovery and Growth

Who Is This For?

If you’re struggling with account predictability and ongoing ad performance, this course is a must-take! Even if you took the Scaling course, you’ll find value in this one!

Training Overview

This new course is similar to our spring 2018 Scaling course but has been revamped with updated content and a stronger focus on turning underperforming accounts around.

This training course features two 90-minute webinar lessons, each including presentations and up to 30 minutes of Q&A. Replays will be made available to those who can’t attend live.

Lesson 1:
Tuesday, July 24 at 3pm EDT
Sustainable Growth Fundamentals
Set up accounts to scale, what to do when performance declines, turn short-term wins into long-term ROI.
Lesson 2:
Thursday, July 26 at 3pm EDT
Advanced Techniques from the Pros
Diving deeper into tactics for sustainability and growth via horizontal scaling.

Topics Covered

Horizontal vs. vertical scaling

Account structure and naming conventions

Demystifying the learning phase

Audience overlap

Social proofing

Bidding and budgeting

Pixel optimization

DPA Windows

DPA cross selling up selling

Quality checking your Product Catalog

Immediate steps to take when accounts begin to decline

Restructuring an account based on past performance

Stabilizing your account and saving money

What You’ll Learn

A deep and thorough understanding of the most advanced strategies for scaling to achieve long-term success and ROI. You’ll learn the following:

When and how your account is ready to scale

Steps to begin scaling the right way

Turning around poorly performing accounts

Intentionally planning your ad builds

Setting clear expectations for results

Pros/cons to different types of scaling

Who is Andrew?

Since co-founding Foxwell Digital, Andrew Foxwell and his wife Gracie have worked with over 250 businesses, non-profits, and organizations to launch, optimize, and manage more than $10 million in Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

Past and present clients include Square, Eventbrite, Fitbit, KIND Snacks, Convince & Convert, Grand Ole Opry, and more. Andrew is a frequent contributor to Jon Loomer’s Pubcast, co-host of the Ecommerce Influence podcast, and has been featured in the New York Times, TechCrunch, and various other print/online publications.

When he’s not running Facebook ads, Andrew’s passions include being a proud goldendoodle dad and kayaking across Wisconsin’s beautiful lakes and rivers. Learn more about Andrew at

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