Luke Carthy – eCommerce SEO Training

What You Learn:

A comprehensive course that will teach you the strategies and tactics to optimise your eCommerce website for search engines (SEO), and for conversion (CRO)

  • Choosing an eCommerce CMS
  • Choosing and configuring site search for SEO
  • Configuring and optimising product categories
  • Product filters for SEO
  • Inventory management
  • Analytics and measurability
  • Marketing and ‘wowing’ your customers
  • … and much more!

About my course

“My face has actually never spent so much time in front of a camera diving into ecommerce before. This is PACKED!Of course, there’s no way I could put out an all singing and dancing ecom SEO course without dropping CRO knowledge bombs too. The two disciplines are destined to be together and there’s plenty of both in my ecommerce course.Leverage both SEO and CRO to increase your organic traffic and then double-down on your organic sessions to generate more sales.  I share how you can make it easier for your customers to buy and how to identify and remove friction points too.There are case studies for days, buckets of detailed walkthroughs, and real-world deepdive examples in abundance.

From the product page all the way through to category (PLP) pages, search results, merchandising, personalisation, how to choose an ecom CMS and quite literally the kitchen sink (I use a kitchen sink as an actual example in such a lesson.)

Whether you’re brand new to ecommerce, an in-house or agency pro wanting to brush up your ecom game, or you’re working on your own cool ecommerce project, this course is ideal.

Last but not least, as a bonus, I’ve also been told I have, and I quote “A honey-smooth voice” so I’m easy to listen to even if I’ve a face for radio! I’ll see you on the first module.”

~ Luke C.

Course curriculum


    • About this course

Choosing an eCommerce CMS: which one is right for you?

    • Pros and cons of Shopify

    • Pros and cons of WooCommerce

    • What about BigCommerce and Magento?

    • Knowledge test

Choosing and optimising internal site search for SEO

    • Why site search is so important and how to choose the right one

    • Why excluding site search from search engines is recommended and how to do it

How to properly configure and optimise product categories

    • Optimising product category structures

    • Optimising pagination for product categories

    • What makes a good category hierarchy – department pages vs category pages

    • How to optimise product and category URLs

    • How to multisite categories without creating duplicate content

    • Knowledge test

How to properly set up product filters for SEO

    • How to optimise product filters for SEO

    • How to power and define URL structures for filters

    • How to handle SEO for multiple filter selections

    • How to prevent search engines from accessing specific filters

    • Why UX is more important than SEO for filters

    • Knowledge test

Menus and navigation

    • How to build customer-centric SEO friendly menus

    • To megamenu or not to megamenu?

Inventory management

    • How to make it easier for search engines to index your products

    • How do you manage out of stock and discontinued products?

Product pages (PDP)

    • How to build a great product page

    • A great product page (cont.) and the importance of breadcrumbs

Product recommendations and UGC

    • How to design your product recommendations

    • Product recommendations and SEO

    • How UGC can really help with SEO and CRO

Internal linking structures and merchandising

    • How to successfully merchandise an eCommerce store

    • Why merchandising can be an internal linking goldmine

Analytics and measurability

    • Why Google Analytics is so important for eCommerce

    • What’s wrong with Google Analytics?

    • Additional eCommerce data points to measure in Google Analytics

    • Knowledge test

Marketing and ‘wowing’ your customers

  • Why improving page speed is so important

  • Why UX? and how to get started

  • Cool eCommerce functionalities and enhancements

  • Let’s have a detailed chat about personalisation

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