Marina Mogilko – YouTube Channel-From Idea to First Revenue

What You Get:

Starting a channel

We start with the basics: choosing a topic, channel art, an overview of filming equipment for different budgets and goals, basic analytics. We’ll talk about how YouTube started, where it is going and how you can take advantage of the new trends. We’ll explore content plans and use of drama in scriptwriting. I will share my scripts, and we’ll make a script for your first video

Making the first video

I will help you start as fast as possible, right at home. We’ll learn about basic camera settings, light, speech and your unique way of presenting information

Editing and publishing the first video

Learn the basics of editing on your smartphone and computer, creating a thumbnail using free apps, optimizing and posting the video

The basics of growth on YouTube

Learn how to increase retention, work with video dynamics, learn how to create viral videos, learn how to turn subscribers into fans – those who will watch all your videos and eventually buy your products

SEO on YouTube

Video search optimization: title, thumbnail, description, tags

Organic growth and how to take advantage of it

Frequency of posting, posting time, increasing conversion rates from subscribers to views, retention. We’ll learn how to create evergreen content that will ensure the long-term growth of the channel. We’ll talk about paying for subscribers and views (and whether it’s necessary). We’ll explore collaborations with other creators

The legal aspects of creating content

IP, trademarks, and personal information. How to protect yourself

Built-in YouTube features

How to use live streams, premieres, stories, and community tabs for growth


How to maximize YouTube payouts, what are the top affiliate programs, what products you can launch and how, how to work with brands and put a price tag on a product placement in your video

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