Matt Cramer & Shayne Hillier – Real Estate Marketing Student Beta Program v2.0

The Real Estate Marketing Student Beta Program is an exclusive training program for Real Estate Marketers that want to take their agency to the next level.

The “Influencer Agency” Beta 2.0 Program

Learn the exact Blueprint on how to work with the Real Estate niche, launch campaigns that generate results, teach your clients how to convert more leads and create “Influencer Agents” allowing you to become an indispensable asset.

  •   Be part of an Elite group of Real Estate marketers.
  • ​Work directly with Matt Cramer & Shayne Hillier
  • ​Get the mentorship & support you need to effectively work with your RE clients.
  • Participate in group coaching calls and work with other like minded RE marketers.
  • Unlimited and exclusive access to all the course content, strategies and templates.
  • Listen to live Expert interviews only available through this program.
  • Get access to all our private content that has helped us go from $0 to $35,000 in monthly retainers.
  • Proposals, agreements, training programs, presentations, ad copies, emails, and more.
  • Watch detailed walk-throughs of all our best Real Estate ads that generate 1000’s of leads for our clients
  • Learn the strategies on how Shayne acquired over $10,000 in retainers in 30 days without a single cold call
  • For a limited time: Get Access to ALL Mini Courses & training with Matt Cramer and myself
  • For a limited time: Get Instant Access to Shayne’s Original Beta Program and ALL Content
  • Weekly check ins and unlimited support from both Matt and Shayne to make sure you stay on track
  • Includes 1x one-on-one strategy call with with Shayne or Matt (in some cases both)

The NEW & Exclusive Real Estate Student Beta program allows you to work directly with Shayne Hillier & Matt Cramer and participate in weekly group coaching calls.

NOTE: Group coaching calls were completed in February. But you still get access to all the recordings. These group coaching calls gave Beta Students the opportunity to participate in weekly group coaching calls where Shayne & Matt will cover specific strategies for working within the Real Estate niche including effective Facebook Ads to generate leads, how to work within the Real Estate niche, follow up strategies and more.

These group coaching calls were designed to give you in depth overview of each of the course modules as they are being developed and allow us to ensure you get the very best training possible. You gain access to over 10 hours of recorded video with tons of additional content.

BONUS: As a bonus for Beta Students (including you), Matt & Shayne decided to start a new 6 week Group Q&A call every Wednesday where students can participate, get support and ask questions. These calls started April 10th.

New v2.0 Course Overview

Note: New course outline may slightly vary as course content gets added.

MODULE 1 – Sneak Peek Inside The Real Estate Industry

Never worked with a Real Estate client? No problem. We cover everything you need to know about the Real Estate industry including:

​Structure of the Real Estate Industry
How brokers and agents make money
Exclusive interviews with brokers and agents on how to pitch to them
Industry challenges so that you can deliver solutions agents care about

VALUE: $195.00

MODULE 2 – Instant Client with the 7 Day Challenge

Don’t yet have a Real Estate client? Struggling to land your first client?

Get the exclusive strategy on landing your first trial client in only 7 days. You’ll get everything you need including: day-by-day instructions on how to get your very first client in the first 7 days.

​Daily tasks that will land your first trial client
Scripts and daily planning activities
Learn how to set the right expectations for your trial
Walk away with a case study to help you bring in new clients month after month

VALUE: $595.00

MODULE 3 – Automated Client Acquisition Funnel

Get an easy to implement, done for you funnel. Set it up, send traffic to the funnel and get appointments on your calendar.

Limited time only (we don’t want everyone using the same funnel)

VALUE: $595.00

MODULE 4 – Free leads & referrals on Autopilot with Facebook

Learn the exact strategy that has landed Shayne over $30,000 in retainers and countless referrals without spending a single dime on ads.

Get it right the first time and build the foundation necessary that will allow you to get clients on auto pilot for as long as you run your agency.

VALUE: $595.00

MODULE 5 – Get Epic Results Working With The Right Clients

Most marketers fail when working in the Real Estate niche. They don’t know who to work with and how to work with them.

What you will learn:

​How to find the right agents that will pay you top dollars
How to overcome the most common objections
How to properly price your services based on the value you provide
Set the right expectations and over deliver

VALUE: $395.00

MODULE 6 – Facebook Ads For Real Estate That Works

Get the exact campaigns, ads, targeting, copy and strategies that has generated 10’s of thousands of leads using Facebook Ads.

Learn how to keep it simple in order to allow you to scale your business and generate the results you need to retain your clients for longer periods of time.

​The Perfect Listing Ad
Homes Lists that always work
Modified Homes Lists for difficult markets
Motivated Buyer campaign that gets insane results
Split testing to make sure you get results for any client
​Targeting and Retargeting strategies
And so much more…

VALUE: $2,995.00

MODULE 7 – Using Chatbots to Nurture & Qualify

Not only will you receive access to our most successful chat bots. You’re going to learn why they are successful and what you need to do to replicate that success in future bots you build.

Learn how to position chatbots as the solution to your clients problems and get paid to implement them.

​Chatbot Basics
Growth Tool Hacks
Qualifying To Appointments
Flow Diagnostics
And more…

VALUE: $1,995.00

MODULE 8 – Generating Hot Leads with the Local Celebrity Effect

Become an indispensable asset to your clients by helping them become “Local Celebrities” in their own marketers.

Generate highly qualified “ready to go” leads and help your agents get more listings (sellers) by dominating their space.

​Advanced Targeting & Audience Segmenting
Understand Absorption & Transition Rates
Video scripts and planning
Strategies and Facebook Ads that attract hot prospects
And more…

VALUE: $1,995.00

MODULE 9 – Follow Up Strategies That Converts More Leads Into Clients

Generating for Real Estate is actually not that hard. In most cases, its quite simple. Converting those leads into actual results for your clients is the real challenge.

Having the right systems in place combined with a strong follow up process is the key to converting those leads.

Learn how to help your clients nurture and convert more leads allowing you to separate yourself from the 1000’s of marketers. Add more value by implementing long term follow up strategies and provide your clients with everything they need to ensure the highest level of success.

​Learn & provide the exact scripts we use to convert leads to appointments
Understand what CRM systems your clients should use
How to use emails, text and chatbots to nurture leads
How to diagnose “Bad Leads” and get your clients back on track
How to work with 3rd party follow up services
And more…

VALUE: $1,995.00


Access to all existing resources allowing you to provide the highest level of service, get epic results for your clients and differentiate yourself from the competition.

​Ultimate RE Email Drip Campaigns for long term nurturing
Ultimate RE ext Message Templates for lead nurturing
Ultimate RE Guides to provide additional value & lead magnets
Ultimate RE Video Scripts package
​Proposal and presentation templates
Ultimate RE ROI Calculator
Various Chatbot templates
And so much more…

Sign Up Today And Get Access To The Following Bonuses

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BONUS #1 – Existing Masterclasses & Beta Program Content

Get instant access to previous Masterclass recordings, Shayne’s previous beta program content and additional content from Matt’s courses.

Plus get access to special trainings and coaching that Matt & Shayne provide to clients and markerters.

VALUE: $1,495.00

BONUS #2 – 2019 Business Planing Workshop

Get a free 1 hour group session with Matt & Shayne to setup your business plan. Know what you need to do every day when you step into your office. Focus on the actions that bring the results and accelerate your agency’s growth to the next level.

VALUE: $995.00

BONUS #3 – Trial Client Referral Program

With close to 3000 members, the Real Estate Marketing & Conversion Mastery is quickly becoming a great resource that can be leveraged to acquire new clients.

As a Beta Student, you will have the opportunity to participate in the exclusive Trial Client Referral Program.

VALUE: $995.00

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