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You’re spending WAY too much time on social media looking for clients and business partners.

You’re spending WAY too little time in direct conversations with like-minded professionals who would actually love to hear about the business opportunity or service you have to offer.

I see so many painstakingly trying to drag potential clients through the sand when they have no real interest

… wasting time and creating tension in your business.

Meet Melissa Henault!

Melissa Henault, Pharm.D.,
Founder and CEO of Burn Out to All Out

While experiencing Burn Out in corporate as a senior leader in a fortune 500,

Melissa decided to take her corporate leadership skills to the internet and built an exit plan.

She leveraged the power of LinkedIn in the pockets of her time to build her first E-Commerce business

She grew her first on-line business to match her corporate income in less than 2 years and retired from corporate forever at the age of 35.

Melissa has since applied her own tried and true LinkedIn Method recruitment model to build her own 7 figure coaching business.

She teaches others how to land high ticket clients and business partnerships on LinkedIn,

as well as teaches others how to build and monetize their personal brands, business management and leadership skills in the on-line space.

Her passion outside of being wife and mom of 3, is teaching others how to build their on-line empires and brands through her coaching

Empowering more professionals to go from Burn Out to living ALL OUT!!

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