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To Write A Letter Just Like The One You’re About To Read…

How To Make 6-Figures A Year Writing Letters Just Like This

Dear friend,

The letter you are about to read right now will very likely generate more than $100,000 in sales (I’ll prove why that prediction is accurate in a second).

It only took me half an afternoon to write, and half a morning to edit.

It isn’t perfect – I’m sure typos exist somewhere – but it will be profitable.

It doesn’t utilize any “ninja hacks” or “literary prose” either.

It is written like I speak because I’m not typing this at all.

Instead, I use a transcription program called Dragon Naturally Speaking to speak this letter outloud (yes, just like Winston Churchill used to do every morning in bed minus the hired typist and obscene amounts of alcohol).

The design is ugly, it requires reading a lot of words in a world of 6-second attention spans, and at first glance you’d think “there’s no way this kind of stuff actually works to make sales”, but…

… it does, and it works really, really well.

$47,500 From A Simple Letter

Just Like This One

A few weeks ago, inside my Triple Point program for advanced copywriters, I sat down and wrote a sales letter following a 7-point “Block System” for writing which I’ll tell you more about later.

It took me about 2 hours to complete the letter – I filmed it live in front of the students late on a Thursday night. They saw me not only type every word, but create the thing I was selling right in front of their eyes.

To be honest, if I wasn’t typing the letter (normally I speak it), and if I hadn’t been doing it live while answering questions and speaking my thought process outloud, I think it would have only taken me about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the same letter in solitude.

Anyways, less than 48 hours later, that short little sales letter generated more than $25,000 in sales for myself (I was selling my own product)… and one week later totalled more than $47,500 in sales and counting.

It continues to generate new leads and sales without any additional input from me.

That’s Exactly Why Clients

Love Paying For Letters Like This

Think about this:

If you were able to generate $25,000 in revenue for a client in just a week or two by writing them a letter like this, seems fairly reasonable they’d pay you $3,000 for the thing that brought them all those sales, right?

Especially since the letter you wrote one time…

… they get to use again and again and again, generating sales consistently for as long as they desire to use it.

In other words, they aren’t just paying the $3,000 for you to write a letter, they are paying the $3,000 for you to create a business asset that keeps providing returns over and over, sometimes for years to come.

I have clients who hired me to write a letter like this back in 2012 and they continue to use it to generate sales to this day. 

(SIDENOTE: This is the little “secret” of Freelancing that nobody really talks about… if you learn skills that bring big results to clients, they pay you big. Therefore, the more you uplevel your skillset, the more likely you are to get paid more.)

You see, most people go into business to follow a passion. They want to be a coach, or they want to sell organic dog food, or they want to be a lawyer that defends marginalized peoples…

… for 99% of business owners, the idea of having to sell their services/wares/products to others is like a nightmare come to life. They simply don’t like doing it.

That’s why, if you’re the one who shows up and says, “let me write you a simple letter that you can use to do all the selling for you”… you are a hero in their eyes.

You are saving them from:

A. The fear of selling that ALL business owners have (nobody wants to be rejected)
B. What can happen when a business owner STOPS selling because they are afraid (aka: business collapse)

So, you can clearly see why having this skill and offering it to others is about way more than just typing words on a screen… it’s about helping humans to grow the businesses they love by addressing the elephant in the room and helping them to stay profitable.


The Letter System

For the first time ever I’ve “productized” my one-on-one system and created a top-to-bottom, soup-to-nuts online video program sharing every detail of my proven letter writing process.

You’ll get every ounce of what used to be private access only for those writers I trained to work in my “copy shop” or in private mastermind groups where I’d get invited to speak.

Now, through step-by-step modules – with worksheet exercises, templates, and additional tools – you’ll have the ability to write letters that sell… for yourself or for pay as a hired letter writer to well paying clients.

You can purchase access to that exact training program today, but first, here’s a peek into what you’ll learn once inside:

  • How to tell the difference between “too hard” selling and my “welcomed guest” approach (get this right and you can write for clients who normally wouldn’t hire copywriters… which means ZERO competition for client work for you)
  • Why you should NEVER start writing from a blank page (this is the ultimate fix to writer’s block and will allow you to crank out well paying client projects in record time)
  • Long vs. Short: How to know when to write longer letters vs. when to write shorter ones (we’ll settle the long vs. short debate once and for all)
  • How to “ask for the sale” in a way that makes readers LOVE you for it (Learned this little technique while studying screenwriting under a Hollywood script doctor)
  • How to create an entire first draft in one afternoon… while walking in the woods/on the beach/literally laying in bed (I’ve made thousands of dollars without ever getting out of bed with this technique – No Pants living for real!)
  • How to write sales letters for clients who provide ZERO information, are horrible unhelpful, and haven’t even created their product yet (in situations like this, I use a secret source of “proven” copy ideas to get the job done)
  • How to craft a letter so perfectly clear and concise that even your clients will say “Wow! After reading your letter I want to buy my own product!” (Seems cheesy, right? I can’t even count how many times clients have said exactly that to me over the years)
  • Why you can be terrible at every other aspect of writing, but if you master how to write short little bullet points like this you will 100% of the time generate sales for your clients (I’ll even give you more than 100 fill-in-the-blank templates to use)
  • 4 secrets to writing headlines that do 80% of the selling for you… plus I’ll give you a massive swipe file of proven headlines you can use
  • How to use the art and science of emotional intelligence and empathy to give the reader exactly what they need to know before they’ll buy (get this right and your client will love you for it)
  • How to find “proof” elements (the part of copy that makes people trust you) for ANY client or ANY project or ANY service with just a few clicks of your mouse and the good ole’ Google
  • Why 99% of writers getting starting in sales letter writing fail to get sales for their clients (HINT: they overthink the most crucial piece and kill what makes these letters actually work)
  • How to spot (and gather) good sources of writing inspiration to base your letters off of making it easier to deliver results
  • 6 ways to start a sales letter which can be the difference between success and failure for your client work (HINT: the way I opened this letter is 80% why it works)
  • My “start backwards” method for creating compelling letters that create desire in prospects and get them to buy even if they’re hardheaded, stubborn, or a full blown skeptic
  • Struggle to stay productive as a writer? I’ll show you how to 3x your hourly wordcount so you can get much, much more done in a much, much shorter amount of time (as a sales letter writer… the faster YOU write, the more effective your copy is… I’ll explain why in the program)
  • The #1 reason sales letters fail and what you can do to ensure you NEVER make that mistake when working with clients
  • How to get your client to “write” the most important parts of the letters without your client having to write a single word (HINT: make life easy for the both of you)
  • Why the first paragraph of your letter can make or break your ability to get sales (and I’ll show you 15 of my favorite opens that always work)
  • The 2 types of research that you MUST do before you sit down to write (critical skill to develop if you want to earn the higher fees)
  • Why your fear of selling can help you TRIPLE the results of your sales letters (it’s all about empathy and your ability to predict the future… more on this in the course)
  • How to ethically get other people to write 80% of your sales letters for you (this might seem like a “lazy” trick but it’s actually the secret behind some of the most profitable letters ever written… all 6-figure sales writers know how important this technique is)
  • The 1 question you can ask your client (or market) to make your sales letter stand out and get extraordinary results (HINT: stop avoiding the weakness/shortcomings of your product)
  • Should you stick to a single niche as a sales letter writer? The answer might suprise you…
  • Outlining vs. “pantsing” your letters… which works best? (I’ll show you what my teacher taught me and why the “hybrid” approach works even better)
  • The 7 ways to start a story in your letter that will get readers hooked and wanting more

Actually, let me pause for a moment here because…

Even If You Hate Selling

You Can Still Write Incredibly Effective Letters With My System

Look, I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I’ve helped more writers break into the field than I can even keep count of anymore.

Every single one of those writers:

A. Hated the idea of selling for a living

B. Thought they were too shy/not confident enough/didn’t believe that they could be an effective salesperson for companies and their products through the written word

And to every single one of them I said… “good”.


Because, even though the purpose of writing these letters is to sell products and services, with my method you don’t actually “sell” anything. In fact, why my letters (and the people who learn to write them) continue to succeed beyond expectations is this simple fact:

It’s not about sales, it’s about understanding people.

When you sign up for The Letter System today you’ll discover what I mean when I show you:

  • The 7 questions every reader of your letter will ask themselves before buying and how to answer them in a way that compels them to buy (HINT: you can’t force anyone to do anything… that’s not real… but you can show people how to get exactly what they want… that’s what I’ll teach you how to do)
  • What to focus on in your letter OTHER THAN pitching that will increase the sales that your letters provide for clients or yourself
  • How to get the right information from your clients so that don’t have to rely on overly hyped sales copy and can instead take a more efficient and effective approach
  • What “The World’s Greatest Prosecutor” taught me about creating a compelling case as to why someone should buy a product or service from your letter
  • How to identify which elements of your client’s product or service you should highlight in your letter to best generate sales on their behalf (most writers get this wrong)
  • Why Darren Hardy called me “the best writer I’ve ever worked with” when I wrote him a letter to sell his most expensive product (HINT: I’ve developed a sure-fire way to match client voice that I’ll share with you in the program)
  • How to create compelling sales “arguments” using 3×5 cards and a simple checklist (get this right and you’ll never have to rely on hype to sell for your client)

One thing I can promise you:

This is unlike any other copywriting/sales letter writing training you may have ever experienced before.

Because 90% of the people who teach writing sales letters come from the “hard” niches of Make Money Online, Investing/Day Trading/Precious Metals, and Dating.

Not me.
I cut my teeth as a copywriter in the trenches of personal development writing copy for some of the biggest names whose brands would have been DESTROYED if I had used high pressure sales tactics to sell their products.

And yet, over the past decade I’ve generated millions in sales in niches beyond just personal development all while using the same principles and philosophies I’ll teach you in this program.

Everything You Need

To Create Letters That Sell

In order for you to be able to replicate my Letter System and get similar results to what I am able to produce, you need more than just training.

You need tools.




That’s why, when you buy The Letter System today, I’ll give you:

  • More than a dozen idea templates for every piece of the letter including the headline, bullet points, opens, and more…
  • Access to my “top secret” (not really but sort of) Block System for structuring letters like this in such an easy way that you’ll find the work of writing is 70% completed before you even open up your computer to start typing…
  • My own personal swipe file breakdown where I’ll tear apart some of my best performing sales letters and show you WHY they worked so you can reverse engineer their success…
  • Daily habits and routines to follow – with checklists – that are guaranteed to make you a MUCH better copywriter than anyone else graduating from any other copywriting training program available today (these daily exercises were key to the rapid success of the new writers I hired for my “copy shop”)…
  • My proven “story boarding” workflow process that I use to create winning sales letters… AND 100% of the fiction I write (this will make you a much faster writer)…
  • A 20 point checklist for creating the perfect letter (I was given this checklist by a 7-figure earning copywriter only after I paid $50,000 to join his mastermind)…
  • My own personal Client Info Extraction worksheet – send this document to a client and get 100% of the info you need to write well performing sales letters…
  • And a bunch more…

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