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Show Me How To Get Really Good At Advertising So I Don’t Have To Keep Posting Instagram Pics Next To Someone Else’sLamborghini!

“I’ll Show You How To Craft Advertising That Will Make You Rich Even If The Idea Of Writing Sends More Chills Down Your Spine Than Donald Trump Kissing The Back of Your Neck…”

Mitch Miller’s Copy Penthouse Is For You If:

You are tired of stressing over money, maxing out your credit cards, and constantly feeling anxious

  You have bills you need to get caught up on

You want to build up your savings account

You have something you want to sell but have trouble convincing them to buy it from you

You have a family you need to keep safe and build an amazing life for

You have a boss you fantasize about quitting on

You want to get filthy rich

You know copy is THE big secret to online sales and you are ready to get it handled once and for all

You want a fast and easy shortcut to crafting multi-million dollar sales copy

Here’s What I Got For You:

Mitch Miller’s Copy Penthouse is an interactive copy experience unlike anything else on the market today.

The insider information in this system can shortcut your learning curve—for real—by at least 5, if not 10 years. (And in reality, on your own, you might not ever get to the skill level these secrets, skills and strategies will allow).

Copy Penthouse has many shortcuts for you including:

– Core Training System

– Commentary On Popular Sales Letters

– Templates And Cheat Sheets

– Bonus Seminar Footage

– Group Calls & Exercises

– And much more…

The first thing you’re going to get today are The Penthouse Sessions.

I’m not going to beat around the bush:

I follow a simple 20 step recipe every time I create an ad.

When I stick to it, my copy works like crazy. and when I don’t, my copy fails.

Thanks to Tim Ferriss, I believe in the 80/20 rule and minimum effective dose (which few activities will get us the result we are looking for the fastest).

Instead of giving you everything I know or even worse, everything you could know… I’ve decided to give you the most powerful stuff you can go out and use TODAY… not in theory, and not a year from now.

I’ve put my entire sales letter recipe into 17 bite sized video sessions for you to devour. Each piece building on the last until you now have a perfect “air-tight” pitch even if you’ve never done this before.

This is the core foundation knowledge you need to craft the type of pitch that makes millions.

This is not boring, regurgitated advice either… And it’s casual, as if we’re actually chilling in the penthouse together while I spill my guts on my method for crafting copy that actually works.

*BONUS* In each session I explain a concept and a piece of the recipe – what I’ve also done is included actual video examples of the exact phrasing I’ve used, so you can use it too and have the same powerful delivery I get without the 10+ years of brutal trial and error.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

Session 1: The Million Dollar Sales Pitch Recipe

Every great dish follows a recipe and writing copy that sells is no different. There’s a reason my copy can bring in millions and it’s not anything magical – I’m just saying the right things in the right order and with this 20 step recipe you can too.

Session 2: Market Research Done The Right Way

The biggest problem in doing market research is nobody actually f#$*%g does it. I get it – it’s not the sexiest activity in the world… at the same time, if you put even a little bit of effort into this part of the process, you’ll kick everyone’s ass.

Because they don’t bother at all or do it wrong. In this session I show you how to do it fast, quick, painless, and RIGHT. And remember this:

NOTHING is more important than this research phase – get this wrong and your pitch has zero chance of working. Take advantage of my shortcuts.

Session 3: The Other Avatar Nobody Talks About

I guarantee you’ve NEVER heard this concept before, you know why? Because I’m the first to introduce this idea to our industry.

When my girlfriend told me about this “second” avatar (and the interesting place she got it from), everything changed for me.

I taught this to our students at the last seminar and they were dumbfounded… And they knew exactly why everything they’ve done in the past has failed… powerful stuff.

Session 4: Crafting An Offer So Irresistible, Your Copy Skills Can Suck And People Will Still Buy

People buy offers. If your offer is lame, especially compared to whatever else is out there in the market… no chance in hell anyone will buy your stuff.

There are 7 different elements to a great offer – do you know what they are? Chances are your competitor is only using 3 at best.

Discover the rest and crush those bastards ?

Session 5: My Easy “Choose Your Own Adventure” Formula For Perfect Headlines

Headlines are the most important part of your sales letter. If your letter doesn’t get the attention of the reader, they aren’t going to get to see your irresistible offer.

Fortunately I believe headlines are overrated and good enough is good enough. That’s why I created a formula for generating headlines fast, easy, and that work.

Session 6: How To Start Off Your Sales Message So The Reader Becomes Addicted To Hearing More

Once someone reads your headline and wants to hear more, then what? I’ll show you the 3 step formula I use to start the conversation and examples of how powerful these 3 steps are. Once you put these 3 in your copy, they are virtually hooked for the entire letter as long as you don’t say anything too stupid later.

Session 7: Creating Believable Copy (Discover How To Get People To Actually Listen To You)

When you are selling to people, there is a natural resistance they have to your message. Because they don’t know you yet, they are not sure if what you are saying to them is in their best interest or yours… This session is all about gaining their trust because without that, it’s a very steep hill to climb.

Session 8: Crafting Your Nightmare Story (Hint: Without one, they can’t trust you)

A properly crafted nightmare story is one of the most powerful tools you have in your bag of tricks to persuade people. This is where the real bonding takes place between you and the reader. Not every product needs a nightmare story, but if you can craft one for your offer, sales will come a LOT easier. In this session we walk you through the various parts of a nightmare story.

Session 9: Painting The Vivid Picture Of Achieving Their Dream Life Thanks To Your Product

Imagine being able to effortlessly inspire, excite, and motivate your reader into deep desire and hunger for your product. And imagine, you could do it through just a few key sentences that get them almost hooked on the idea of buying your product… I just did it on you right now, but watch this session for how to do it in your copy.

Session 10: The Product Reveal (Most People Get This Part Pathetically Wrong…)

If you reveal the product too early, you kill rapport and end the sale before it had even really begun – reveal the product too late and you draw suspicion as to why you aren’t getting to the point. 95% of people reveal their product too early and it’s killing sales. Don’t be a teenage boy in heat – keep it in your pants until she’s hot and ready for you k?

Session 11: Machine Gun Bullet Blitz – Rapid fire benefit bombing

People buy things because the believe whatever it is will give them a certain result or set of results resulting from the main result, make sense? Another name for a result is a benefit.

People buy benefits. This is the part of the page where you load up the reader with all of the different and wonderful benefits that owning your product will provide them.

Think of it like a scale… If you load them up with 100 benefits on one side, and they have like 6 objections on the other, you’ve now outweighed their decision making process and they are swayed to buy.

Session 12: Social Proof Madness And Getting (Lots Of) Perfect Testimonials

As humans, we make decisions in only one of two ways: We go by first hand experience, or second hand experience. We are social creatures and we MUST look to others to guide us in making decisions that are outside our first hand experience.

Getting testimonials is one of the most neglected and underutilized pieces of this puzzle. Testimonials are CRITICAL to the success of your ad and here’s how to get em.

Session 13: This Is The Only Place In The Letter It’s OK To Talk About Product Features

They say to always talk in benefits not features. Who are they, and in what context are they referring to? The truth is you NEED to talk about the features of your product, but there’s a time and place. This session shows you where.

Session 14: The Roller Coaster Strategy: Value Build + Price Drop

You can’t have love without hate, light without dark, and sex without bacon. In this session I show you the intimate relationship between perceived value and price and how they must go TOGETHER for your offer to feel like a good deal to the reader.

Session 15: The “Knock ‘Em Off The Fence” Strategy: Scarcity + Risk Reversal

Hate when someone goes “I need to think about it”? In sales and sales letters, if you give the reader an opportunity to let him self off the hook, he’ll take it. So do the opposite: Make it a MUST that he must buy now… and more often than not, he actually will. as long as you have these two pieces in place. I’ll show you the exact words you should use to write a money-back guarantee that… increases sales… and reduces refunds!

Session 16: How To Ask For Money

There’s a reason this session isn’t even 3 minutes long – closing the deal and asking for the money is the easiest part of a sales letter.

Session 17: How To End The Letter For Maximum Conversions

Yep. It’s pretty cool, you’ll like it.

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