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Perry Belcher Reveals How To Combine Brain Dead Simple Stories (You Can Steal Legally) with Ugly, No Face Videos To Create The Ultimate TikTok Age Sales Grabbing Machine

Fellow Marketers, 

Can you tell a 6 second story?

That’s all it takes to at least DOUBLE the results of any VSL you’ll ever write. (emails too for that matter)

That’s ALL it takes to create letters others sell for $15,000 or more or even better use to sell your own goods and services for life…

Imagine going one step further than your competitors with THE weird system that creates sales pieces that outperform even the best pedigreed copywriters…

Imagine the PRIDE of having your offers, created entirely by this system, be the most sought after in the market by power affiliates and… (You’ll be famous)

Imagine being SO in demand as a copywriter that businesses literally BEG you to write for them for thousands of dollars + a percentage of profits!

Imagine still, the CONFIDENCE you’ll have in your future when you finally realize you can practically conjure sales out of thin air…

Hi, My name is Perry Belcher and my offers are responsible for around $1,000,000,000 (That’s a BILLION) in the sales of goods and services online.

The Story VSL Formula

If I’ve done my job correctly, you know how effective a story is when trying to win over your prospects.

You also know that video is the future of marketing and businesses have no choice but to figure out how to leverage video in their marketing…

The Story VSL Formula pulls together everything I’ve learned in the last 10 years about story based VSLs.

It’s broken down into easy to follow steps that are so simple, the system practically writes the offer for you.

But there’s something more…

This System Is Nothing Like You’ve Seen Before
When I tell you that this system is truly unique, I mean it…

In fact, the format is something that sets this apart from any other copy system out there.

It’s designed to do all of the heavy lifting for you.

I’m serious.

It’s not your typical copy course format.

You don’t have to sit there and watch video after video while I drone on.

The system will practically be producing the offer for you as you progress.

You’ll be able to sit down with the laminated sheets and the system tools and in a matter of a few hours you’ll have a story based VSL that your audience can’t get enough of.

You may not even feel good about it, because it may feel like cheating.

But hey, I’m all about results.

Inside You’ll Discover

  • How to craft your “Big Foot” promise so that you stand out from other offers in a sea of competition
  • The simple “Scene Setting” hack missing from all flat stories and the three questions to answer to glue your readers to your stories.
  • The “Here, That, Then and Therefore” framework of a 6 second story that turns anyone into a pro storyteller in less time than you can take a good dump.
  • How to write “water cooler” headlines that instantly hook your prospects so that you can.
  • How to craft a “Hollywood” story arc just like Die Hard, Shrek & Tommy Boy
  • How to develop “Magnetic” characters that almost breathe through the screen.
  • How to create a “Slippery Bridge” from your story to your offer
  • How to craft an offer so irresistible prospects feel like morons if they don’t buy.
  • My “5 Star” winning testimonial format that brings success stories to life and 10X’ their believability.
  • How to leverage premiums to up to 5X your close percentage on the exact same offer.
  • How to use AMAZON to ferret bonuses actually mean something to your customers and tip them over the edge.

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