Samir Chibane – Passion-2-Profit Accelerator

Passion-2-Profit Accelerator Course

Step-By-Step eCommerce Blueprint To Making 6 Figures Or More Selling With Shopify (Dropshipping)

The P2P Accelerator is for anyone willing to learn everything they need to know and more on how to start, profitably run & successfully grow their own eCommerce Business and successfully start generating their own sales within 24 Hours!

*UPDATES: I will be continuously adding videos and tools to this course as time goes on! If Shopify makes any changes that impact us as sellers you can expect a video or post on how to adapt and adjust!

What You Will Get Access Too:

Module 1: Mindset

Module 2: Researching Passions and Understanding Target Audience

Module 4: Store Setup And Theme Customization

Module 3: Sourcing Products and Finding Suppliers

Module 4: Secret Apps For Automating Business

Module 5: Profiting With Your Marketing & Advertising

Module 6: Facebook Advertising Mastery

An Exclusive Mastermind Group: I’m sure you would agree when I say it’s important to surround yourself with positive, like-minded individuals who are striving and achieving more just like YOU!

This mastermind group allows you to network and work with other people who share the same vision as you! To absolutely CRUSH their e-comm business!

WEEKLY Mastermind Webinars: Every week we have a Facebook Live with open Q&A sessions where you can ask any questions about your business.

Guest entrepreneurs who are experts in different skill-sets and industries come on to share their stories, trials & tribulations, and their keys to your success!


Your Own Personal Business Strategy Coach: To ensure your success with the Millennials Academy you will be assigned your own personal business strategy coach for weekly mentorship sessions…

Coaches assigned during enrolling process based on personal goals and desired outcomes…

Access Too Exclusive Resources and Tools: I will reveal too you the tools and resources that allow you to get a competitive advantage over the competition and stay at the cutting edge of the industry and opportunity!

Class Curriculum

P2P Mastermind

Official Mastermind Group

IG Live Mastermind – June 21st (48:18)

Success Mindset

Who Is This Course For? (8:19)

Mindset For Shopify Success (7:08)

Your WHY (4:47)

Goals (6:25)

Experimenting Like A MAD Scientist (14:07)


Introduction To Shopify (9:07)

Domains & Shopify Plans

Branding 101 (11:21)

Money Making Theme (12:47)

Shopify Theme Gainz – Live Training (51:26)

Setting Up Your Payment Processor (8:49)

Success With “Better Shipping” Settings (28:56)

Checkout Settings (7:39)

Getting Familiar With Your Shopify Dashboard (17:46)

Drop Shipping Overview (14:05)

Manual Drop Shipping (12:23)

Bulk drop shipping (17:56)

Drop shipping wrap up (4:22)

List of Niche & Passion Ideas

Sourcing Products & Suppliers

Overview on product section on shopify (5:00)

Types of offers and products (13:09)

How to choose a product (4:45)

Setting Up Product Description (26:49)

Secret Spy Tool Training (11:56)

Intelligynce Tool Overview (45:19)


Facebook Advertising Introduction

Setting Up Business Manager & Creating Ad Account (27:39)

Passion Page VS. General Pages (14:24)

Testing Ideas With Facebook Ads

Creating Fan Pages & Hacking Page Likes (27:16)

Utilizing The Different FB Ad Creatives (24:23)

Choosing Ad Placement (14:24)

Analyzing Campaigns – Scale or Kill? (60:28)

Creating The Perfect FB Campaign (65:52)

Email Marketing

Intro To Email Marketing (32:50)

Email Marketing with mailchimp Pt. 1 (26:23)

Mailchimp Training – Live Training (29:00)

Retail/Free+shipping Template (3:31)

Abandon Cart Emails W/Swipe File (10:21)

Customer Email Swipe Files

Live Videos

Top 9 Apps You MUST HAVE Pt. 2/2 (32:36)

Top 9 App You MUST HAVE! Pt. 1/2 (69:32)

Product Research Like A BOSS! Live Training (61:21)

The 5 Levels To Dominating Facebook Targeting – Live Training (61:03)

Increasing Store Conversions + Keeping Your Customers Happy – Live Training (59:50)

Rapid Fire Q&A Live Session (52:46)

Advanced Live Q&A (61:12)

2 Facebook Tools You NEED To Be Using! + Q&A Live Training (48:53)

How To Increase Your Average Order Value – Live Training (49:08)

Intellegynce Tool Training Pt.2 (45:19)

Launching Your First Ad & The Power of IG Story Ads – Live Training (70:51)

Live Black Friday Special With Facebook Ad Legend – Brandon Fink (75:36)

What it really takes to make 6 figures in Drop Shipping (52:18)

Instagram Influencers

Student Success Story: Tammer Pt. 1/2 (15:11)

Student Success Story: Tammer Pt. 2/2 (18:44)

Using Social Blade To Qualify IG Influencers (6:43)

IG Influencer Ad Swipe File

Sales Page Archive

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