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Learn step-by-step how to sell on Amazon and create wealth that gives you freedom to do the things you love with the people you love.

  • 5 full courses, 1 membership
  • 200+ step-by-step training videos
  • 500+ training slides
  • 3-4 hours of live group coaching
  • Suppliers to build your product
  • 3 private mentor sessions with an Amazon expert coach
  • 12 huge product ideas sent to you only
  • Interactive quizzes
  • On-fire Amazon seller community who cares about your success
  • A team of 20+ staff members and expert coaches here to help you succeed
  • Weekly live Q&A—you ask your questions and we help!
  • And a lot more!


Tired of the so-called gurus touting flashy Lamborghinis and pretending like selling on Amazon is a get-rich-quick tactic if you know all the “secrets,” Just One Dime set out to build an exclusive membership that actually helps people succeed. Just One Dime is the only membership that gives you 3-4 hours of live workshops every single week plus 200+ training videos plus 1×1 personal mentorship sessions so that you have everything you need to build a legitimate, sustainable, cash-producing Amazon business.

We show you how to build your Amazon business so that you have freedom to do the things you love with the people you love. That’s freedom.This is not just a course. It’s 5 full courses plus a membership plus more live training and how-to videos than any Amazon coaching program on the planet.

5 courses, 1 membership

‍Establish Your Business and Brand

Learn the foundations of creating a business, the mindset for building passive income, how to manage assets, how to pick the right business structure, how to set up your Amazon store, how to start a brand, how to trademark your brand, and how to set up supplier accounts.

The vast majority of courses out there never touch on these vital foundational principles for building a business that can scale.

Main sections include:

  • Strategize your brand
  • Set up your business
  • Open your Amazon account
  • Set up your supplier accounts
  • How to do accounting
  • What you need to know about taxes
  • What you need to know about business insurance

Master the Market

We teach you how to evaluate the market, understand market trends versus fads, find high-profit products, discover products shoppers are hunting but no one is selling, differentiate to crush your competition, and how to objectively analyze your research data.

Main sections include:

  • Listings & terminology
  • Product research criteria
  • Product-focused product hunt
  • Keyword-focused product hunt
  • Europe-focused product hunt
  • Other platform-focused product hunt
  • Evaluate your research data
  • Differentiate your product

Manufacture Your Product

We show you how to make your product stand out from the competition, how to find and negotiate with trustworthy suppliers to build your differentiated product, how to set up shipping and inspections, how to create your Amazon listing, how to get photos for your product, how to set up your shipping settings, and how to get your product shipped to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Main sections include:

  • Find & negotiate with suppliers
  • Build your differentiated product
  • Set up shipping, inspections, & payments
  • Create your Amazon listing
  • Ship your product to Amazon

Launch Your Brand

We turn you into a master at launching products, generating reviews, and marketing your product via Amazon PPC and other platforms. This is the stage where you laser focus on sales and growth as you introduce your product and brand to the world. You will also learn how to strategize your launch, launch your product, run PPC, use advanced techniques for boosting sales, collect customer info, and begin building your brand and following. This is where you get to show the world why your brand will not go unnoticed.

Main sections include:

  • Understand the power of a launch
  • How to do Amazon giveaways
  • How to create seller sequences
  • How to generate floods of organic reviews
  • How to launch with PPC
  • How to analyze your PPC data
  • How to improve your listing’s ranking and conversion based on PPC data
  • How to launch with Facebook ads
  • Other advanced launch strategies

Expand Your Reach

We train you to grasp the techniques for optimizing your listings for high conversion, and understanding the power of visibility vs. desirability. Learn how to handle customer returns, customer communication, A to Z claims, credit card chargebacks, customer positive and negative feedback, and get negative feedback removed. This section is all about expanding your reach as you build momentum in the marketplace.

Main sections include:

  • Optimize your sales
  • Protect your brand
  • Deliver amazing customer service
  • Keep your Amazon account healthy
  • Expand your brand
  • How to handle IP infringement authenticity claims
  • How to handle hijackers and black hat competitors

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