Talia Wolf – Emotion Sells The Masterclass

Emotion Sells: The Masterclass

Grow Your Sales and Revenue Using Emotion


The only on-demand training program to show you how emotions move your unique customer to say ‘yes’ time after time

What if you could:

10X the results you get for your business, boss or clients.

10X your salary or the fees you charge

10X your confidence every time you make a change on a page, launch a test or pitch ideas to your boss, client or team.

Custom-designed for digital marketers, founders and freelancers, The ‘Emotion Sells: The Masterclass’ is the missing link in your growth strategy


20+ Easy To Follow Lessons And Video Trainings

The Step-by-step Process I Use To 10x My Clients’ Conversions

All The Templates, Checklists And Insider #Cro Resources

I Use These With All My Clients

5 Live Group Coaching Calls

Where i’ll give you personal feedback and suggestions, keep you accountable, and answer all your questions

3 months of Ongoing Feedback From My Team And I to make sure you succeed.

You can send us your coursework or questions and we’ll reply with specific feedback and suggestions for next steps.

You Also Get To Be A Part Of My Private Community

On facebook (get answers to your questions and connect with fellow students)

Plus, you’ll get the exact framework I used to…

Increase Revenues By 86% on a top fashion E-commerce site

Increase Sign Ups By 316% on a landing page for an online presentation platform

And Increase Paying Users By 304% for a dating service website.

This Masterclass Is Made To Eliminate Every Frustration You Have When It Comes To…

  1. Understanding Your Audience
  2. Fixing The Leaks In Your Funnel
  3. And 10xing Your Conversions

If you want to take the guesswork out of high-converting websites. then,

in just 6 weeks from now, you could:

Get Into Your Customers’ Heads – So you can speak their language, build trust, and increase loyalty.

Fix The Leaks In Your Funnel – So you can double your sales, leads, and downloads.

Make More Money – For your clients or your business over and over again.

If you want to take the guesswork out of high-converting websites. then, in just 6 weeks from now, you could:

GET INTO YOUR CUSTOMERS’ HEADS so you can speak their language, build trust, and increase loyalty.

FIX THE LEAKS in your funnel, so you can double your sales, leads, and downloads.

MAKE MORE MONEY for your clients or your business over and over again.

THIS MASTERCLASS is broken into 4 modules…


We’ll do a complete overview of Emotion Sells: The Masterclass and the step-by-step process we’ll go through to increase your conversions with emotion.

You’ll see exactly why the online world is doing conversion rate optimization wrong—and how you can do it right.

We’ll dive into the the foundations of the emotional targeting framework and review the step-by-step process that uses emotions to grow conversions.

Explore real-life case studies, examples and best practices you can apply in your business immediately.

Understand the 3 most important pillars of emotional targeting and how you can use each one to grow and increase conversion rates.


Learn exactly why customers buy from you, what their emotional drivers are, their concerns, hesitations and how they expect you to speak to them.

Discover the pitfalls and leverage of your competitors, learn to critique your current assets from an emotional standpoint, discover where your team is and what your customers think about you using my frameworks, worksheets & checklists.

We’ll identify your customers’ emotional triggers, layout your content strategy, new testing ideas and your key messages from that day on.


Define the images, colors, fonts, social proof and other elements you need to use based on your customers’ emotional triggers so you never have to waste time and energy creating websites your customers don’t care about.

Follow the examples and frameworks I use to map out AB testing ideas or launch new variations without testing.

Complete the Emotional Targeting Framework, which includes 2 complete A/B test outlines you can use to:

test immediately

align with your team

prepare a testing plan

map out design & copy for every single ad, landing page, pricing page, email marketing campaign, and funnel you launch


Map out the final 4 hypotheses you want to test, based on the Emotional Targeting Framework.

Learn how to:

run meaningful A/B tests.

share this framework with your designer.

reuse this framework in future tests.

Watch as I walk-through additional case-studies and map out the exact step-by-step process I used to double and triple their conversion rates.

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