Todd Herman – Alter Ego Masterclass

Mobilize your inner superhero with the Alter Ego Effect™ Method Masterclass.
Bring your Alter Ego to life

This self-guided Masterclass builds upon the ideas laid out in Todd’s WSJ bestselling book, The Alter Ego Effect™. With 4 in-depth modules that show you how to build and leverage your Alter Ego, you can elevate how you show up in the most important areas of your life.

What You Get:
Module 1
Course Overview & Introduction to The Alter Ego Effect Method
  • Identify your goals, so you have clarity on the journey ahead and know exactly what area of your life you want to improve.
  • Uncover the secrets behind the Alter Ego Effect and how it’s different (and more effective) than anything else you’ve tried.
  • Unlock the 4 layers of the Alter Ego Effect Model, and discover where you currently stand, so you can create a plan moving forward.
  • Determine how you’re showing up (we call this your Field of Play) by identifying if you have an Ow or a Wow Mindset.
  • Understand the difference between the Ordinary World and the Extraordinary World and what it means to live in each.

Module 2

Choose Your Field of Play & Name the Enemy

  • Choose when and where you want to show up as your most Heroic Self (you’ll select your Fields of Play here to stay focused).
  • Get clear on what you want using a streamlined Target Mapping Technique that helps you focus on your goals.
  • Identify the specific Moments of Impact when you can activate your Heroic Self.
  • Uncover your enemy, and the common and hidden forces keeping you trapped in the Ordinary World.
  • Identify the story you’ve been living so far and the new story you want to live going forward.

Module 3

Create Your Extraordinary World & Identify Your Superpowers

  • Design your Extraordinary World, so you have a clear vision of where you’re headed.
  • Determine exactly what you’re fighting for, which Universal Theme it represents, and your deepest why around its importance.
  • Identify your superpowers in detail through the Alter Ego Effect Method Signature Process, so you can leverage them during Moments of Impact.
  • Name your Alter Ego, so you can give it even deeper significance and power, through our easy-to-follow system.

Module 4

Build Your Alter Ego & Take It to the World

  • Bring your Alter Ego to life through effective immersion and observer techniques.
  • Develop your Alter Ego’s Origin Story, so it’s grounded in a strong purpose.
  • Choose a Totem or Artifact that serves as a physical reminder of your Alter Ego.
  • Craft an activation event, so you can step into your Alter Ego when you need it.
  • Learn how to supercharge your Alter Ego for those times when you need that extra push to move forward.
  • Apply the 6 Mindsets to Success to your life, so you can show up as your Heroic Self in your chosen Field of Play.

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