wp-real-time-mouse-tracker-crackWP Real Time Mouse Tracker

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“Don’s WP Real Time Mouse Tracker records every mouse move, click and scroll!

See every single move, polish your sales funnel, MAKE MORE SALES!


– Are You Worried Sales Are Passing You By?

Most Internet Marketers have experienced that deep dread, when you see your visitor counter going up day after day without making any sales. Sometimes you just want to grab your monitor and scream “WHY AREN’T YOU BUYING MY STUFF?!”

– Ever Wonder What People Are Doing On Your Site?

Do you know what people click on your site? How about when they click on it? Do you know if they’re hovering over your buy button and not clicking it? There are so many things traditional analytics just can’t tell you!
They Told You All You Needed Was Traffic, They Were Wrong!

Behind every number in your stats there is a REAL PERSON who is using your site and experiencing what you’re offering. You need a way to look over their shoulder to see exactly what that experience is so you can make it better…!”