Youri van Hofwegen – Automation First Academy

This Program Reveals Everything I Did to Build YouTube Video Teams That Make 300+ Videos Per Month!

What You Get:

Did you know it’s possible to outsource the ENTIRE video production for your YouTube Channel?

  •  You DON’T Need To Show Your Face
  •  You DON’T Need To Write A Script
  •  You DON’T Need To Do The Voice Over
  • ​ You DON’T Need To Do Video Editing
  • ​ You DON’T Need To Make A Thumbnail

Do you want your own video team that does all the work for you?

I’ll teach you exactly how, using all my formulas! Here’s what you’ll learn..

  • ​ Break down your video format
  • ​ Where to find your team
  • ​ Build a FULL video team (Script, Voice, Editor, Thumbnail & Manager)
  • ​ Automate your workflow (My Formula)
  •  ​Scale your video production 

This will enable you to..

  • ​ Work ON your business (instead of in your business)
  • ​ FREE up your time
  • ​ Earn passive income
  • ​ Work whenever & wherever 

Course Contents

  • Curriculum 1: Introduction
  • Curriculum 2: Content layers
  • Curriculum 3: How to build your team
  • Curriculum 4: How to scale teams
  • Curriculum 5: How to set up your workflow
  • Curriculum 6: How to stay in charge
  • Curriculum 7: Watch me build a team (Live on camera)
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