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The Junior Academy

The Junior Academy empowers all students that enrol the tools and education necessary to start their own CPA business. The Junior Academy was created and developed by Mr Opulent and his Senior Account Manager as a way for those that want to start a CPA business with a low cost but highly valuable training programme.

This curriculum is dedicated to ensuring that those that join are able to efficiently create and make their own CPA campaign independently.

Each member of the Junior Academy, will also be assigned a senior account managers, dedicating 4 weeks with each student that enrols to advance their study and make sure they work practically with the training. You will also be a part of our monthly webinars created by our Senior account managers where you will be able to ask questions, gain more knowledge and keep yourself up to date with specific core skills to grow a successful CPA business.

*The Step By Step Blueprint To Building A Profitable  Performance Marketing Business In 30 Days

The Junior Academy Program 

The Junior Academy Program is a 4 week online program with the sole goal of creating a profitable performance marketing business and getting it profitable in as short of time as possible with step by step proven methods DIRECTLY taught by 7 figure performance marketing expert Mr.Opulent.

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the entire program which will begin by showing you step by step how to find hot offers to promote, launch a campaign from scratch and get it profitable using paid traffic. You will then learn how to turn test elements of your marketing funnel and use the metrics tracked in test easily to further increase the return on your ad spend.

This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience BUT also has training to grow existing business. Through the 4 week course you will get everything you need to create or grow a business in any niche and acquire traffic cheaply and rapidly.

Week One: The Right Niche and Offers

Don’t have an email list? Don’t have a website? Don’t have a products? THAT’S FINE. The first week of Junior Academy Program is dedicated entirely to helping you build a business from total scratch without ever spending time creating a product.

You’ll Learn

-Keys to making money with performance marketing when you are starting for the first time

-How to start rapidly manifesting results with Performance Marketing

-How to start building and managing cashflow for long term sustainability

-How to make $12K per month in profits from $15 a day

Week Two: Deploying Your Campaign

Week 2 is all about creating your marketing campaign for the highest chances of profitability.

You’ll learn

-How to pick the most profitable niche that you’ll enjoy working in the first time

-How to spot and promote the best offers and products for epic conversions

-How to spy on your competitors and steal their most profitable marketing funnels

-How to pick the best type of offers suited for your budget so you can create cash cows

-How to identify the most important “Money Metrics” that will define your campaigns success

Week Three: Optimising Your Campaigns

Week 3 is all about optimising your marketing campaigns and identifying the winning elements  that are going to give you the highest returns on your ad spend.

You’ll learn

-How to use the traffic light bidding strategy to turn your losing elements into winners

-How to reverse engineer winning campaigns and steal super high converting funnels without a ton of testing

-How to split test your ads for massive profits

-How to A|B test and multivariate test your landing pages for massive profits

-How to improve your conversion rates so you can start making more money right off the bat…

Week Four: Scaling & Growing Your Profits

Week 4 is all about growing the profits on your campaign and turning $100 per day campaigns into $1,000 per day campaigns.. In this section you be learning scaling strategies Mr.Opulent has been using for years to generate millions online.

You’ll learn

-Everything you need to hit 10x you traffic & profits with your campaign

– How to add extra ROI to your campaigns for FREE- How to consistently grow your profits on your campaigns

-1 million dollar scaling & rapid growth strategies

– How to grow a team that can run your business for you

Bonus #2: Software Vault + Top CPA Newbie Tips 

-13 Video Modules Addressing The Top Newbie Questions

-Detailed Walkthrough Videos Showing You How To Set Up All Of The Tools You’ll Need For Your Business

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