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Let Me Show You How To Get More Traffic, Leads And Sales, While Writing Far Less Content…

You ever feel like your content just isn’t working?

Sure it gets a few leads but lets be honest here…

  • You put in the time,
  • do the research,
  • and write your best but nothing happens.

Nothing game changing anyway.

Its enough to make you want to stop writing all together right?

But the worst part?

You see all these other companies using content to grow, and they are CRUSHING it, so you KNOW it works:

a month- all generated with their content!

Its frustrating right?

Just what are they doing that you’re not?

Whats their secret?

I’ll tell you exactly what it is, so you don’t have to find out the hard way like I did…

The best part?

It works:

  • Even if you suck at writing,
  • Even if you’ve never seen results from content before,
  • Even if you don’t know the first thing about ‘content’ and ‘content promotion’.

Thank God For My Nan (And Google Plus)

You might have heard me tell this story before.

The thing is?

You only know half of it…

A few years back I decided to go all in on content marketing.

I slaved away at my desk for over 80 hours on an article, with only my cat for company.

This was it.

I had done everything I was supposed to, and this was the best article I had ever written.

Can you guess what happened?

It got 2 measly social shares…

2 shares for over 80 hours of work!

And the worst part?

  • One share was ME to my own Google Plus account
  • And the other share was from my Nan…

At this point I didn’t even want to look at my keyboard again.

Fortunately for me, I’m kind of stubborn.

Rather than give up, I sat down to figure this all out.

I’m so glad I did…

Fast forward to around 6 months later , and I wrote a new article for a brand new website:

I finished the draft, hit publish and then reached out to a friend to let them check it out before I crashed for the night.

(I’ve never told anyone before, but there was a strategy behind this…)

My buddy was in another time zone and I *thought* he was going to read it and give feedback.

I’m a pretty good writer, so why would I ask him for feedback?


So let me explain:

When someone is involved in the creation of something, they want it to succeed, simply because they value it more.

It’s called the ‘ikea’ effect.

People value things that they had a hand in creating, far more than if they were not involved.

The crazy thing is?

This is a great way to get an influencer invested in your content, so that they hopefully share and link to it.

Sneaky eh…

So I went to bed after sending the email, expecting some further feedback on my new guide.

But he didn’t give me any more feedback…

He enjoyed it so much that he decided to share my post for me on a huge marketing forum as a surprise!

I should mention that my buddy is also a pretty big influencer in that forum.

Why does that matter?

Because I may not have had my audiences attention at the time, but he sure did.

That’s when things went a little crazy…

I woke up to over 19,000 views of that article.


The post wasn’t even ‘finished’ yet!

There were a few typos, some placeholder images and no email capture at all.

But it didn’t matter…

Within the week it was the number #1 post on the forum.

Is The Amplify Content Academy Right For You?

Here’s the thing:

Because we follow the same principles as we teach, we get a lot of traffic and leads each month.

This means that we can be selective about WHO we choose to work with.

Rather than get everyone in, and deal with a lot of tire kickers and ‘shelf helper’s’, we want to work with action takers.

Those who are committed to doing the work and seeing the change they want to happen.

Everything in life and marketing takes effort- we’re just showing you were to apply that more effectively so that you get far better results.

Please read these rules carefully

The Amplify Content Academy is NOT for you if…

  • This is NOT for you if you’re looking for some easy button, shiny object, magic bullet.

There are no hacks here. This takes time and effort but ironically is the fastest and easiest route to succeed and get traffic.

  • This is not for you IF you never take action.

The entire training is designed to help you get over the common ‘what ifs’ and mistakes, but it ONLY works if you take the actions required…

  • This is not for you IF you sell spammy get rick quick schemes or products that would offend my Nan.

If you have to ask, then you’re probably not the right business.

  • Sorry but this is NOT for you if you don’t have a website yet.

Sure our methods will help you start off on the right foot, and we even talk about web design a little, but you have a few steps before then- get them done and come back to us.

  • This is NOT for you if you’re simply looking for motivation.

Sure, nothing builds confidence and motivation more than taking action- but I care about your success more. I want you to spend your time 10% planning and 90% executing.

  • This is NOT for you if you have zero site visitors and expect to get 10,000 within 30 days.

We can help get you to 10,000 visitors a month and higher- but it takes time, effort or budget to get there. You could run ads, or get shared by a huge influencer- but the key is to keep promoting until it gets that traffic consistently on its own.

The simple fact is that you HAVE to put in the work and follow the process…

The Amplify Content Academy IS RIGHT FOR YOU IF…

  • You are ready to invest in yourself and your content.

To spend time creating high value assets that help you grow.

  • You are willing to get off the content hamster wheel and put the effort where it works.

Less volume, more depth and far more promotion-that’s how you get results.

  • You are looking for a system and not shiny hacks that work for a week.

A process to follow from start to finish, for every new article that you write.

  • You are patient, willing to learn and to take action

Trying new things is scary and takes effort. You’ll make far more mistakes as you grow- but its the mistakes that push you forward
(And we’re there to guide you past them)

  • You are willing to bide your time, do the work and see the end result

Other people just like you have joined the Amplify Academy and seen results.

So the question is:

Are you ready to start creating content that can change your business?

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