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The EXACT Strategies I Used To Scale My Shopify Store To $5,760 Per Day On Auto-Pilot AND How You Can Do It From Scratch

PPC Elites Academy is an online program that will allow you to fully master e-commerce, with in-depth teaching on Google Ads.

Why Google Ads and not Facebook? 

Simple. Facebook is a social platform. Not a single individual goes on Facebook to find products to buy. They are there to connect with others, and your ads are a nuisance to them. On the other hand, people specifically search on Google for products, with the intent to buy.

Simply put, Facebook = Cold Traffic and Google = Scorching hot traffic with buyers intent.

The step-by-step training will give you the necessary tools you need to reach your first $100 day within 30 Days and become a PPC Elite, regardless of your technical skills or any previous experience in e-commerce.

The PPC Elites Academy 60+ Video Curriculum

Module 1: Get taken step by step through the Shopify interface and back end, to gain a clear understanding of the platform.

Module 2: A-Z instructions on how to properly set up and prepare your store for success with the following strategies. Along with multiple videos on how to find the right products, with the highest potential for success.

Module 3: Get an in depth look into Google Ads and Google Analytics account setup, and an overly detailed overview of the platforms, so you can comfortably navigate them without getting a headache.

Module 4: Receive a comprehensive and detailed overview of Google Search Ads and every little moving part that comes along with them. Along with guiding you through crafting the perfect search ads every time.

Module 5: Learn how to properly optimize your search ads for a profitable and successful campaign, this is a crucial step in ensuring success with a search ad, and is by far one of the most detailed modules.

Module 6: Receive a comprehensive and detailed overview of Google Shopping Ads and every little moving part that comes along with them. Along with guiding you through crafting the perfect product listings to ensure you are ranked above all of your competition (which leads to more sales).

Module 7: Get taken step by step through the process of crafting the best possible Google Shopping campaigns and product listings.

Module 8: In depth training on how to properly optimize a Google Shopping campaign, along with your product listings in the Google Merchant Center. These steps will ensure you understand how to properly integrate the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into your product listings and product pages. Also, implementing these SEO practices can result in getting organically ranked in Google Search, which in turn means you can be on the first page for a keyword without running a single ad. That is completely free traffic (I have a store doing over $1,000 a day with $0 adspend due to SEO). This knowledge is crucial to say the least.

There will be many more modules to come, making this the single biggest, and most advanced Google Ads course for Shopify on the internet right now (Keep in mind, these strategies can stretch far beyond Shopify. With the knowledge on Google Ads you will acquire, you can even start your own agency, and run ads for others).

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