Ben Cummings, Traian Turcu – Live Masterclass 2019

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Here are a few of the things you’ll have to look forward to:

On April 12th & 13th, 2019, you will join Traian Turcu in Las Vegas for two super-immersive jam-packed days. You’ll be learning Traian’s phenomenally successful Amazon “Speed & Profits System”.
22 individual SOP’s, 16 hours of non-stop content, checklists, tools, special tactical-documents, and detailed instructions – taken right from inside his own 7-figure profit business.
Private membersite – containing all reference materials, downloads, apps, and instructional materials, which you will gain access to.
Only 100 people allowed admission – You get to be part of an exclusive event, with up-close and personal access to Traian Turcu, ability to ask questions, get help, and leave the event ready to win!

** Can’t make the event dates? If you can’t make the event dates, you can still register and get full access to the HD live event recordings and receive ALL of the same materials & bonuses!  Price is the same.

Plus, When You Sign Up, You’ll Get These Amazing Bonuses!

Bonus #1 Complete HD Recordings of the 2-Day Live Event

When you’re dealing with high-level tactical strategy, you want every moment recorded for posterity. You want to be able to go back, review a trick, refresh yourself about how to use an app, or even follow along, with Traian, once you’re back home, so you don’t miss a step. That’s why Traian and I made the big financial decision to fly out a top professional live event team to record every minute of the Traian Turcu Masterclass – So that you could continue learning from this event long after it’s ended.

Bonus #2 The Holy Grail Ranking Secret

You will also get The Holy Grail Ranking Secret. Imagine if there was a way to rank a new product to page #1 and position #1… with no giveaways. But let’s go one better: They don’t even have to buy the product!

You’ve heard me say many times: If you’re ranked all the way back on page 3, you might as well be ranked on page 300, because you’re not going to sell anything. You either get good at ranking, or you’ll always struggle in this business.

Traian has discovered a critical piece of information having to do with the way Amazon ranks. This secret gets his products ranked to page 1 & position 1.  We won’t divulge the method here, because it wouldn’t be fair to all the people who are signing up, but let me just say this: This one bonus alone, is EASILY worth your entire investment.

Bonus #3  Amazon Suggest STUFFER

When customers go to Amazon and begin searching for products to buy, Amazon will “suggest” various products. A large number of people DO click on these suggestions, which is exactly why Amazon does this.

“We have some products where you type the main keyword and all five of the top suggestions all contain our brand.” – Traian Turcu

In this bonus, you’re going to learn how Traian gets his products stuffed into Amazon Suggests, for multiple positions, and how he can dominate an entire Amazon Suggest box oftentimes.

This doesn’t happen by accident. He will show you where you can spend just $30, and it gets your product stuffed into all these Amazon Suggests boxes. This is valuable free traffic. Like dominating all of Park Place on the Monopoly board. They might think, “oh this is the most popular brand, let’s buy it.” That’s how the Impulse buyers mind operates – and you win!

Bonus #4 Review Ninja

Traian told me that the #1 thing he used to struggle with, was getting reviews: Good reviews, legit reviews, and an ongoing steady stream of high quality reviews. We know that the social proof of reviews makes a huge difference on sales.

That all changed when he invented his Review Ninja System. He has never discussed this anywhere before, and considers it one of his biggest secret weapons.

You get three Review Triggers:

(1) First is the jump start review method, that you’re going to do before you even launch. This gets you the initial base of reviews.

(2) Second there is the review flood method that is an automated method for ongoing reviews.

(3) Third is the post purchase Amazon review method, which is SO ninja.

If you have ever struggled to get reviews, then look no further, because your problem has now been solved!

Bonus #5 The Triple R System, Revealed!

We have a proven track record of immense success with Triple R products – to the tune of millions of dollars. For the first time ever, now we’re going to teach it to you! Imagine the ultimate Game Plan for crushing it with Triple R products. That’s what we have created – And that’s what you’ll be a part of in Vegas.

An amazing “Live Bonus Session”  where for the first time EVER, Ben & Traian (together on stage) will be teaching you the Triple R System, in all its delicious glory!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

(1) TRIPLE R “Hot List” of the Best Product Opportunities
(2) FBT ‘Jet Stream’ Strategy
(3) Shock-And-Awe Sponsored Ads for Triple R
(4) New Subscriber Ramp
(5) The ‘Practical’
(6) Power Expansion Plan

And much, much more.

Bonus #6 Suite of Traian Turcu Apps – You Get 13 Proprietary Apps in Total. Below we highlight just a few of them:

(1) Sweet Spot Product Finder software – Breakthrough & totally different way to uncover profitable product opportunities, that everyone else is overlooking. Yours FREE!

(2) Relevancy Psychic software – that gives you X-ray vision into exactly which keywords Amazon wants your product to be relevant for. Yours Free!

(3) Copywriting DNA software – This is the app that does a deep dive into the best sellers, to uncover the most powerful “Fascination Words and Phrases” to write emotional compelling copy. Yours FREE!

And much more. You will be getting 13 of Traian’s proprietary apps in total, that have allowed him to grow and scale his Amazon business.

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