Charles Floate – Safe & Strong The Definitive Guide To Private Blog Networks

Warning: This is not for rookie SEOs. PBNs can seriously supercharge your SEO efforts–but if you don’t know what you’re doing then you do real damage to your site and your reputation.
What You Get:
  • A Complete Introduction To Private Blog Networks
  • Domain Forensics: Analyzing Potential Domains & How To Avoid Bad Buys
  • PBN Domain Divesting – A COMPLETE Domaining Guide (Expired & Aged)
  • How To Get Cheap, Premium Hosting For Your Network
  • Using CDNs Properly To Further Diversify Your Network
  • Secure Anti-Footprint PBN Setups (Dozens of Known Footprints Covered & A Checklist So You NEVER Miss One)
  • The Safe Guide To PBN Posting & Links
  • PBN Management & Stabilization For 2020 & Beyond
  • How To Grow Your PBNs, Build New Links To Them & Increase Their Strength
  • Foreign PBNs, How They Differ From English Language PBNs & How To Set Yours Up For Success
  • How To Safely Test Your PBNs To See The Link Strength & Effectiveness


Learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to using Web 2.0 PBNs.

Get the most out of your money by utilizing this totally free link building method to bolster your tier 1 link profile through the roof!

I’ve also created an additional bonus standard operating procedure (SOPs) set for you to hand off to VAs to create your Web 2.0 PBN at a fraction of the price that link building services charge.

Take over cities and dominate districts with localized networks that are setup specifically to rank any business for any keyword in your target area!

Imagine the power you have to generate business within the same month for any niche you can imagine. This tactic is so powerful because it allows you to essentially monopolize the searches with the right setup and investment.

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