click-jacker-crackClick Jacker 3.1

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“Click Jacker – Best Plugin To Steal Authority Trusted Website Lead for your Own and Boost the Conversion Sales!

Click Jacker lets you hijack the authority of trusted websites and brands by displaying your own un-blockable pop-up ads on top of their website. There are several resources available on the download page to get you started. Click Jacker Plugin Stealth Mode – allows you to use the plugin with paid traffic networks that don’t allow exit popups.

Are you tired of losing all of the leads that click on your affiliate links? Think about Click Jacker plugin, finally someone clicks and then *POOF* they’re gone. When I saw what this actually did I was shocked… I never realized how much I was losing out on in the past. And here is the best part about it… You make money off of the things you do everyday…

Click Jacker Plugin will change the way that you market affiliate products online. This sneaky WordPress plugin hijacks links. No longer will you have to give up leads to your affiliate company and lose customers after you finally convince people to click on your affiliate link. You get to keep your OWN leads. Now you can start profiting from not only your efforts, but those of your best competitors…!”