Jeff Millers – Agency Scaling Secret

What could you do with a behind the scenes view of a $25,000 a month Facebook Ads Agency?

Here’s everything you are going to get

White Label Ready Case Studies Ready For Your Info

Everyone is saying “Just use a case study” meanwhile you’re running around going ‘What case study?”

As part of joining the program you have access to fully editable white label ready case studies so there’s one less reason you cant’ be successful with your Facebook Ads agency.

Each case study is ready for your name, logo, and contact info.

And you’ll have access to not one case study, not two case studies, or even three case studies. But five of them.

Expert Trainings That Pull Back The Curtain

Wish you knew how other agencies just like you are knocking it out of the park and blowing everyone else out of the water?

What could you do with a step by step walkthrough of how other students are….

Landing $24,000 in clients from one podcast

Getting 3-5 appointments a week

Turning 1 phone call into a $4,000 a month contract.

Expert Trainings are taught by people just like you but after they hit it big so that you can do it too…

Already Working Facebook ads and Offers Database

When you join, you’ll get access to our Working Offers Database. You’ll see ads and offers and targeting thats already working for agency owners just like you.

Ads for 20 different industries like Pest Control, Dentists, Gyms, Carpet Cleaners, Car Washes, Pharmacists, Personal Trainers, and more…

Have a last minute call? Can’t figure out why your campaign is bombing? Wish you had something to guide your journey?

Check out the already working facebook ads and offers database.

Want an accountability program that keeps you moving, figuring whats not working, and getting people like you the results you want?

Every single week the program hosts group coaching calls where every single person goes over wins, losses, and Bear Killing moments.

Student Only Facebook Group

Over 200 other students are already the exclusive Facebook Group and are sharing wins, losses, and how they land deals.

Every time a student lands a deal, signs a contract, or gets a client they go live and share the details.

The best part? You get to ask them questions and uncover how you can do the same.

Ever wondered what a pitch meeting really looks like? You’ll watch me do it like you were in the room and get a recording of it.

Why? So you can do it yourself and land clients with the confidence you need to get it done.

And you’ll even get my proposal that shows them everything they get, the top down close so you don’t accidentally cut your prices in half, and the right way to guarantee your work without having to return anyones money.

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