Joe Dispenza – Progressive and Intensive Online Course Bundle

What You Get:
Progressive Online Course. Ascending Your Energy: Tune In To Your New Destiny

Using science as the contemporary language of mysticism, Dr Joe presents students with transformational information based on the latest scientific research. By combining quantum physics, neuroscience, neuroendocrinology, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, and electromagnetism (to name a few), he builds a model of understanding which points the finger at the infinite possibilities that arise when you tap into the unlimited nature of your human potential. He also gives students practical tools and effective exercises designed to shift your understanding and relationship to reality, all the while empowering you to create lasting change in your life.

Among other perception-altering teachings, through lectures and meditations you will learn that the body is actually the servant of the mind—and how when given the necessary knowledge, information, and instruction—you can apply the power of directed consciousness to reduce stress, create health, wealth, relationships, a new job, or transform any arena of your life that needs an upgrade.

This paradigm-shifting online introductory course is the foundation of all other levels of Dr Joe’s work. During it, you will be given many opportunities to apply, experience, and practice the knowledge and meditations—all the while learning about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, so that the how becomes easier…all at your own pace.

In this extensive online course, you will learn: 

•        The science of transformation
•        How your personality creates your personal reality
•        How to find the generous present moment where all possibilities exist
•        How to select new potentials in the quantum field
•        How to change your energy from living in the past to living in a new future
•        How to connect to a future reality in the present moment
•        How to activate your heart and cultivate elevated emotions
•        How to pull the mind out of the body
•        How when you liberate emotional energy that has been stored in your body, you can use it to create a new destiny
•        How to change your beliefs and perceptions 
•        How to create more balance and wholeness in your body, as well as the energy center’s role in doing so

This online course is set up as a self-study program and includes five core meditations, along with guidance and tools to put the teachings and meditations into practice. Ultimately, this course teaches you how to create lasting change in your life. Discover how people around the world have applied these principles and produced amazing results in their lives.

*Either the Progressive Online Course or the Live Progressive Retreat is a prerequisite to attending an in-person Week Long Advanced Retreat.

Video Summaries 

Video 1


In this introduction to the course, Dr Joe explores what it means to cross the river of change, how to become conscious of your unconscious programs, and how new experiences enrich the circuits in your brain.

Video 2

Your Personality and Your Personal Reality: Getting Beyond Yourself 

In video 2, Dr Joe explains why science is the contemporary language of mysticism. He also shares scientific data and discoveries that build a roadmap to change. You will also learn the steps required to master your environment and how to begin changing your state of being.

Video 3

Finding the Sweet Spot of the Generous Present Moment 

In video 3, Dr Joe explains why it’s so important to find the present moment. You will also learn how to take your attention off of matter and how to settle your body down into the sweet spot of the generous present moment.

Video 4

The Generous Present Moment Meditation 

Finding the sweet spot of the generous present moment and learning to stay connected to the unified field is an essential practice in Dr Joe’s teachings. This meditation will provide you with the platform to master this ability.

Video 5

Post Meditation Remarks 

In video 5, Dr Joe prompts you to reflect on your meditation and reminds you about the importance of finding the present moment.

Video 6

Tuning into New Potentials 

In video 6, Dr Joe teaches you that the quantum field is an invisible field of light, information, and frequency that exists beyond space and time. You will also learn how to change your energy to match a potential that already exists in the quantum field, as well as how to draw that future to you.

Video 7

Tuning into New Potentials Meditation 

This meditation will help you to practice creating a vibrational match between your energy and any potential in the quantum field. When you synchronize your energy to a future reality, you can begin to draw experiences to you in the form of new opportunities, synchronicities, and coincidences in your life.

Video 8

The Science of Transformation 

In video 8, Dr Joe introduces the extensive scientific research that he has performed over the past decade. You will also learn about different brainwave patterns, how meditation positively alters the brain and body, and how as you break the habit of the old self, you can signal new genes in new ways.

Video 9

Pulling the Mind Out of the Body: The Physiology of the Breath 

In video 9, Dr Joe explores how stress prevents us from creating a new future, as well as how our emotions and attention get stuck in the past. You will learn how to create from 5D, connect to the elevated emotions of your future, and engage in an exercise to move you into a new state of being.

Video 10

Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind 

In video 10, Dr Joe introduces a breathing technique used to pull the mind out of the body, as well as how to use the body as an instrument of consciousness.

Video 10b

Generating Creative Emotions 

Read the explanation on this card and click here to watch the collection of short videos that Dr Joe selected for this lesson.

Video 11

The Importance of Elevated Emotions

After short videos, Dr Joe reminds you about the importance of elevated emotions and prepares you for your next meditation.

Video 12

Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind Meditation 

In this meditation, Dr Joe teaches how you use your breath to pull the mind out of the body. You will practice the breath, then spend some time finding the sweet spot of the generous present moment, followed by becoming pure consciousness in the quantum field.

Video 13

After Meditation: Closing 

Dr Joe reviews the previous meditation, offers some closing remarks, and prepares you for the upcoming lesson.

Video 14

Changing Beliefs and Perceptions 

In video 14, Dr Joe challenges you to examine your own beliefs and perceptions and explains the process of how thoughts and feelings become hardwired attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. You will learn the science of placebos and how you can use this to create change in your own life.

Video 15

Changing Beliefs and Perceptions Meditation 

In this meditation, you will learn how to change your belief or perception about yourself and how it’s those beliefs and perceptions that prevent you from creating the life you want.

Video 16

Blessing of the Energy Centers 

In video 16, Dr Joe explains the body’s energy centers and how each of these mini brains have their own purpose, frequency, and chemistry. You will learn how incoherence in your energy centers affects your nervous system and overall wellbeing, and how creating coherence in your body can be as simple as blessing your energy centers into more order.

Video 17

Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation 

In this meditation, you will learn how to place your attention on each individual energy center so as to influence them from a state of incoherence (disease) into a state of coherence (balance and harmony). You will also learn how to change your brainwaves and enter your autonomic nervous system so that you can reprogram it into health.

Intensive Online Course: Understanding the Power of Your Mind

In this introductory online course, Dr Joe introduces students to a new language and paradigm of understanding. Beginning with teaching students to look at reality through a new lens, Dr Joe helps students understand themselves, the world around them, and the power that exists at this intersection called the present moment. Ultimately, students will learn how the power of the individual and the collective can alter outcomes, and even history.

Through five video lessons and two guided meditations, Dr Joe builds a model of understanding that is fundamental to transforming your life from the inside out. Learn foundational concepts about the mind-body connection, how the constant feedback loop of thinking and feeling creates our reality and keeps people stuck in the familiar past, how thought and imagination relate to the quantum model of reality, what it takes to change, and how to rewire the brain to create lasting change in your life.

In this online course, you will also learn: 

•        The science of changing your mind
•        Why you keep repeating the same patterns in your life
•        Why change is so difficult for most people
•        How disease is created and how to heal many physical conditions
•        How by changing your personality, you can create a new reality
•        How to create a new personality in order create new personal reality
•        How to access your subconscious mind
•        How neuroplasticity and epigenetics are the keys to changing your destiny 
•        The power of mental rehearsal to change your brain and body
•        How understanding different brainwave patterns can demystify meditation
•        The quantum model of reality

Lesson Summary Overviews

Lesson 1

Understanding the Power of the Mind 

In this first lesson, Dr Joe builds a model of what it means to change. You will also learn how new choices lead to new experiences and new emotions, and how this process creates new circuitry in your brain and epigenetic changes your body.

Lesson 2

The Privilege to Be Human 

To begin to create a new destiny and to break free from limiting unconscious programs, you must become the observer of your thoughts. In this lesson, Dr Joe discusses the correlation between constantly living by the hormones of stress and the manifestation of disease.

Lesson 3

The Science of Changing Your Mind 

In this lesson, Dr Joe explains the science of possibility and how you can learn to signal new genes in new ways, thereby changing the very building blocks of your life.

Lesson 4

Feelings, Emotions, Identity, and Destiny 

In this lesson, Dr Joe explores how our emotional reactions create long term memories that keep us connected to the past. You will also learn that when you release limiting emotions, you liberate energy that becomes available to create a new destiny.

Lesson 5

Sensing Spacaaaaaacccce: An Introductory Meditation 

In this lesson, Dr Joe discusses different brainwave patterns and how opening your awareness and sensing the space around you causes your brain to become more balanced. You will also learn how to move from a convergent focus (or narrow focus on matter and objects) to a divergent focus (or an open focus on energy or nothing material).


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