Laura schoenfeld – Inner Circle Mastermind

Real talk: You can’t scale your nutrition business to multiple six figures and beyond all by yourself.

It’s time to join the Nutrition CEO Mastermind!

Just imagine what could be possible…

  • When you have a mentor with 8+ years of online business experience, both working behind the scenes of a multiple 7-figure business and running her own multiple 6-figure business
  • When you’re surrounded by other passionate, ambitious nutritionists and dietitians working to grow their online coaching and consulting businesses to multiple 6-figures and beyond
  • When you can finally hire a team member (or more!) to help you do the necessary work that’s been distracting you from serving your clients at your highest possible level
  • When you can scale your signature program that exponentially grows your ability to impact the clients you are here to serve and brings in the revenue you desire
  • When you can grow your circle of business “besties” who are there to support you and encourage you, provide feedback on your work, and help connect you with the resources that will allow your business to thrive
  • When you’re able to bring in the annual revenue you know you’re capable of, all while working the amount that supports your best health and allows you to fill your cup so you can pour into others

Imagine if growing your online business could be both joyful and incredibly profitable.

Now it can be!

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