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Dear NicheHacks Tribe Member,

When I first launched the exclusive members area a couple of years ago, I wasn’t sure what response to expect.

The fact is, the overwhelming response forced me to barricade the doors quicker than expected.

I wanted to help everyone accelerate their niche marketing success.

And boy have many tribe member experienced impressive results thanks to NicheHacks over the years!

Check this out…

Countless tribe members launched profitable websites and transformed their lives forever with help from NicheHacks.

Such as, tribe member Howie Jastrow who executed on my advice and built a small niche site and achieved a 6 figure income from it.

Or, tribe member Russel Lobo who with support from the closed members group instantly landed his first 2 clients worth $2,000 and $5,000 for his online business.

Or how about, Mike Bradford who credits NicheHacks with helping him make $32,000 in 12 months.

Seriously, many tribe members fired their boss and exchanged their gruelling 9 to 5 pay check for painless online income.

And these are just a small sample of the NicheHacks tribe success stories as you’ll discover in a moment.

And you can join the success stories list too…

You see, all the existing NicheHacks success stories are just average people earning an honest and generous living online.

So if these average tribe members can transform their lives, imagine what you can achieve?

You see, my goal is to enable as many tribe members as possible to transform their lives through online marketing.

No more punching the clock or pleading with your boss to secure a well deserved day off.

Just pure unlimited freedom to design your day in any way you choose.

I discovered 3 things keeping you stuck on the ‘make money online merry-go-round’.

Here’s the 1st thing…

1). You’re Overloaded With Information!

The blizzard of information leaves you bogged you down and frustrated.

And the daily barrage of “exciting new systems” slapped in your face by the guru’s confuses you more.

You become overwhelmed and stuck.

You begin to wonder who’s legit and who’s a fraudster, right?

It’s so confusing in fact, many never get off the starting blocks.

And here’s the second thing keeping you stuck…

2). You Lack The Time And Mental Energy.

Who has the bloody time and mental energy for all of it?!

As you know, the daily grind alone is enough to suck the life out of you!

Add in work, family, chores, and the unexpected curve-balls life throws and you’re not left with much time.

Where is the mythical spare time supposed to come from?

There’s not enough hours in a day and there’s no way around it.

And good luck conjuring up the required mental energy to learn after a long gruelling day.

Even the most highly motivated person struggles to focus after a day of 9 to 5 drudgery.

Then there’s this third thing that keeps you stuck…

3). You Don’t Have All The Pieces To The Puzzle

Think about it, blog posts deliver a short snippet of information and not the big picture.

So hours are wasted scouring the net trying to find the next step.

And remember all those low priced info-product purchases?

Again, you’re awarded one piece of the puzzle but without the box or instructions.

Leaving you clueless to the big picture.

And you’ve invested in higher priced courses before, right?

Whilst courses are an improvement over blog posts and low priced products, they have one major flaw.

The major flaw is this; courses are so complex and time consuming they overwhelm you.

I mean, usually each video is 1hr long and there’s dozens of videos to watch.

Who has the time or mental energy for that after the daily grind?

So you either never get started.

Or after a week of overwhelm you lose motivation and quit.

Trust me I know, recently I purchased a fantastic course for $2,500.

Six months later I’ve barely progressed as the course is so time consuming and overwhelming.

So my motivation has vanished and I’ve not logged in for months.

Or tell me if this sounds familiar to you…

After purchasing you discover you’re simply not interested in the method revealed inside the course.

Or worse, the course is old re-hashed info you already know or a blatant scam!

And on top of that, online marketing isn’t “paint by numbers” so no two people get the same results following the same course.

So if previous purchases haven’t delivered results don’t blame yourself.

You either didn’t have all the pieces to the puzzle.

Or products and courses just aren’t suitable to your learning style.

And Here’s What You Get EVERY Single Month As An “NicheHacks Insider” Member…

There’s a lot of benefits to remaining part of the inner circle as you’ll see below…

1). Six NEW Profitable Niche Reports Every Single Month

Everything you need to profit from the hottest new niches and tried and tested markets.

Just pick one with piece of mind that you won’t waste any time or money on unprofitable niches.

Each report includes:

The niche market size and worth revealing how much money is available to you!

A list of profitable sub-niches with less competition for your domination.

The most popular content in the niche allowing you to create something similar.

What problems people in your niche need solved and how to profit from the solution.

The most popular affiliate products in your niche on Amazon, Clickbank, ShareASale, and more.

Examples of successful websites in your niche you can spy on, emulate and steal traffic from.

Where to get traffic from and how to drive it to your website.

Blog topic ideas so content creation never leaves you stuck.

The influencers in your niche to network and tap into for traffic.

The top social media groups and hubs in your niche to discover your target audience.

A list of easy to rank keywords to dominate in Google and siphon off their traffic.

A list of profitable websites sold in your niche allowing you to emulate their success.

And much much more.

2). Two NEW “Execution Plans” Every Single Month

Each month I add 2 new Execution Plans to the library showing you how to gain quick wins in 15 minutes or less.

These are marketing tutorials for completing essential marketing tasks fast!

Breeze ahead on tasks that would usually take you hours with these step by step action plans for quick results.

These are quick wins and no fluff!

3). Two NEW “Marketing Secrets” Every Single Month

Years of studying the centuries old art of “Direct Response Marketing” from dusty old marketing books and applying it to the online world.

All these hard learned lesson, many from over 100 years ago, are distilled into easy to understand actionable nuggets.

Learning these solo would be a journey of years however I’m giving you a fast-track.

Each secret is direct and highly actionable, no guru-gimmicks, loopholes or trends that die as soon as they’ve begun.

Every single “secret” is based on the foundations of human behaviour, psychology and persuasion strategies and those 3 things never change!

4). 24/7 On Demand Access To The “Inner Circle” Only Community.

This is brand new and only available to you as an “Inner Circle” member.

It’s not the same as the existing “Facebook Private Mastermind Group” that regular subscribers can access.

Mingle with like minded people all on the path to freedom.

There’s no “noise” or “tyre kickers”.

Just smart people willing to help you.

5). Monthly Q&A Sessions To Ask Any Burning Questions You Have

No more feeling stuck, lost, confused or lonely.

Get your questions answered without judgement.

This will help you progress faster and give you clarity on what to do next.SalesPage  | Price: $69/month  (Free for VIP Members) | Size: 1 GB | Archive

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