premium-list-magnet-crackPremium List Magnet 1.0.4

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“Premium List Magnet – List Building in 2 minutes, guaranteed!

Granted, there are plenty of software/tools that can create popups, and you should (and are encouraged) to shop around and compare. After all, your money is hard-earned and should be spent wisely.

Here are 8 tips to look out for when comparing:

1. Make sure the product seller has a dedicated support team to handle after-sales customer service (both technical and non-technical). Avoid one-man show operations where the product creator is also the only one doing the selling as well as providing customer service. This typically leads to long response time, if any customer service is provided at all.
2. Make sure the product seller has great credibility and proven track record. Do a search on Google for the product name/creator’s name. Forums are best sources for this kind of information as they are less-biased.
3. With software, there are bound to be bugs. Does the seller release product updates to fix bugs?
4. Make sure the software interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. As in, if this software comes without a manual/user guide, can people still use it without too much difficulty?
5. Make sure the software can also create ads (instead of just optin forms).
6. Make sure the software can also create sliders (instead of just popups).
7. Make sure the software can create unlimited campaigns (instead of limited to just 1 campaign).
8. Make sure the software provides important statistics that are easy-to-understand so that you know how your campaigns perform…!”