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Introducing Bots for Business Online Training Program

The Premier Training Program for Entrepreneurs who want to Generate Ultra Qualified Leads using Messenger Bots (and close them quickly) – Automatically Growing their Business.


So, what is a Messenger “Bot”?

Simply put, a Messenger Bot allows you to deploy a “natural language sequence” to your leads, allowing you to engage, qualify and create an intimate connection automatically.

Think about it like this…

Instead of just having “leads” – what if you knew EXACTLY what they wanted…

Exactly where they were…

And you could have a real-time conversation with them to get all this info?

What if you could deliver exactly what they wanted… when they wanted it…

Our Program

The Bots for Business Training Program is a 5 Module Interactive Learning Experience (with over 30 videos, checklists and how-to guides) that allows you to both execute quickly and simply, without giving you extra wasted “bloat”.

Module #1: Bots 101

In this module, we’re going to ensure that your understanding of bots are up to par, that you understand how they are going to work for your business and the purpose of it inside of your lead generation and sales.

Module #2: Strategy

Now that you understand how bots can work, it’s time to map out exactly how they will work for you and the extent you would like to use in your marketing. By helping you develop your bot “map”, you will walk away with a perfect strategy to generate ultra-qualified leads and even more sale conversations and conversions.

Module #3: Messaging

Bots are all about natural language patterning and being able to engage and create intimacy with those that are “inside” of your marketing experience. We’ll show you how to develop these sequences, how to deliver the right content at the right time increasing your relevancy with your leads.

Module #4: Implementation + Deployment

Now that you have your strategy all developed, it’s time to go ahead and implement your chat bot. Instead of having to figure all of it, we’ll show you how to implement, step by step.

Module #5: Distribution + Next steps

Your bot is ready, now it’s time to show you how to integrate with your marketing, traffic sources and make the magic happen!


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