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Seller Tradecraft’s SOLO Launch Method part of the Amazon Playbook

Your all-in-one step by step guide for launching your next Amazon Product without a launch service

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first, second, or fifth product launch…

Relying on launch services like ZonJump and Viral Launch puts you at a severe disadvantage. If you don’t control the audience who buys from you, you can’t upsell them, and you can’t ensure that your products will rank.
Our step by step guide will show you how to circumvent that by launching your private label products through Facebook Ads and Manychat.

You’ll learn exactly how the pros build a funnel and sequence to scale their product launch process for a fraction of the cost of other launch services, while being far more effective.

We’ve spent YEARS working in the trenches and selling our own private label products on Amazon – our team grosses over $15,000,000 / year in private label product sales across ALL categories.

Because Amazon doesn’t share customer data, it’s more important than ever that sellers learn to master the art of building customer assets, such as:

Manychat Subscriber List

Email List

Social Media Following

With this walkthrough, you’ll get access to templates and step by step guides to help you get your first Manychat and Facebook Ad sequence up and running in no time.

But the best part is that this is just ONE of the many “plays” we are going to be providing you in the Seller Tradecraft Amazon Playbook.

We’ll show you exactly how to build your manychat and email list and other “plays”to build a long-term sustainable business that will last into the future.

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Plug and play access to the SOLO Launch via manychat
Step by step video walkthrough on how to install the SOLO Launch
Step by step video walkthrough on how to set up the Facebook Ads for the SOLO Launch
Exact text templates to copy and paste
Private Facebook Discussion Group
Amazon Play: Influencer Marketing Youtube Strag
Amazon Play: Amazon Review Wizardry –  Magic Recipe with FB Ads + Manychat + Zonpages
Amazon Play: Build your first Viral Manychat Contest Funnel (Plug and Play Template)
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