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The Reseller’s Guide to A Year in FBA

A Month by Month Guide to a Profitable Amazon Business

*Updated for 2020*

What You Get:

  • A 240+ page book with profit-packed chapters for each month of the year​
  • Live webinar trainings throughout 2020 (with access to replays)
  • ​​Live Q&A with Stephen during the live webinars
  • ​​Year in FBA digital notebook and calendar
  • ​Access to over 12 hours of archived monthly training videos from last year
  • ​Free updates (every year) of the book and bonuses for life

The Reseller’s Guide to Sales Rank

Understanding Amazon Best Sellers Rank For Maximum Profits


Amazon sales rank (also known as “best sellers rank”) is easily one of the most complicated and misunderstood aspects of selling online. Too many Amazon sellers assume if an item on Amazon has a certain “good” sales rank, it will automatically sell quickly. This assumption falls apart when the seller realizes most their inventory is not selling at all, and to make things worse the prices of their inventory items have tanked. If only there was a way to better understand Amazon sales rank in order to know what the number really means!

What You Get:

The Reseller’s Guide to Sales Rank is a combination ebook and video course that will walk you through how to best understand and interpret sales rank numbers on Amazon.  Both the ebook and the video course contain the same content, so you can choose to consume the information by either reading or watching/listening, or you can do both. The book is over 30 pages filled with teachings and illustrations that will help you understand not only how sales rank works, but also how to best use sales rank info to dramatically improve your inventory sourcing buys. The video course contains 9 video modules (with almost 2 hours of content) where you can see every aspect of sales rank explained in detail. Not only do you get the ebook and video course, but you also get lifetime awesome amazing bonuses as well.


My Sales Rank Comfort Zones​​​​ – In the Sales Rank mini-course, I share with you all of my current sales rank comfort zones for every main Amazon sales rank category. When I source for inventory, I usually will not buy an item where the average sales rank is higher than my current comfort zone level. This printable document shares with you the sales rank zones where I am most comfortable when it comes to making the best sourcing decision on items I feel will sell quickly enough for me.

​Sales Rank Comfort Zone Worksheet – In the Sales Rank comfort zone bonus above, I share with you my current sales rank comfort zones for every main Amazon sales rank category. While my own comfort levels work best for me and my business model, it’s important that you learn to come up with your own sales rank comfort zones too. With this printable worksheet, I will give you the chance to figure out what YOUR sales rank comfort zones are for your own Amazon business.

Amazon Category Sales Rank Chart – Having access to the most current sales rank chart is vital for knowing which sales rank numbers are considered good or bad. Sales rank numbers are not all the same. A 500,000 sales rank in Books is pretty good, while a 500,000 sales rank in Toys is horrible. This chart breaks down each major Amazon product category and shows you not only how many items are currently in each category, but the breakdown of what numbers fall into the top 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, and 10%. This is a vital tool for making smart sourcing decisions.

The Reseller’s Guide to Selling Shoes

Kick up Your Profits with New Shoes via Amazon FBA

What You Get:

The Reseller’s Guide to Selling Shoes ebook

This ebook is over 100 pages packed with all the information you need to know to successfully add shoes to your Amazon FBA business model. We’ll walk you through what you need to know to build a solid foundation that will help you get to the goal of averaging hundreds of dollars of shoe sales per day. We’ll show you the costly mistakes we made early on and how to avoid them. From finding profitable shoes to making the sale, we’ll teach you every step along the way.

The Reseller’s Guide to Selling Shoes video course

You’ll get over 25 video modules covering over 4.5 hours of no-fluff content focused on sourcing and selling shoes on Amazon. From finding multiple shoes to selling them for high profits, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. The content in the video course and the ebook is almost 100% the same. This way, you can have a choice whether you want to read or watch the content… or both!

9 Video Bonuses:

Finding the ASIN for a Shoe Variation

Sometimes it can be hard to find the ASIN for a specific shoe variation. This video will show you how to find it. The video also includes how to find the child variation ASIN on Amazon: how to look up the ASIN on the Amazon product page for in-stock shoes and in Seller Central for out-of-stock shoes.

Faster Way to Find ASINs for Out-of-Stock Shoe Variations in Inventory Lab

Usually you can find an ASIN for a shoe on its Amazon sales page, but if a specific shoe is sold out, then Amazon suppresses that page and it becomes very difficult to find. This video will walk you through how to use InventoryLab to discover the ASIN for any out of stock shoe variation.

Using How Many? Variations to Compare Prices and Make Buying Decisions

How Many? is an amazing Google Chrome extension that not only tells you the quantity of any Amazon seller’s stock levels, but also helps automate the process of making a smart buying decision based on critical information about each child variation of a shoe.

How to Add a Variation to a Shoe Listing Using “Add a Product” in Seller Central

Sometimes a specific shoe variation you want to sell on Amazon is not listed as an option to sell. This video will show you how to add the new child variation to an already existing parent ASIN using the “Add a Product” tools in Amazon Seller Central.

How to Add Products/Variations via Upload in Seller Central

If you are adding more than one variation to the Amazon catalog at a time, you can use flat files (Excel spreadsheets) to upload your data in Seller Central. This video will walk you step-by-step through the process of uploading a file to add products/variations in Seller Central.

How to Add a Variation to a Listing Using “Variation Wizard” in Seller Central

If you’re using a flat file to add shoe variations to the Amazon catalog, Seller Central has a handy “Variation Wizard” that streamlines the process of creating your flat file. In this video, you will see step-by-step how to use the Variation Wizard to create your flat file. You can use this video in conjunction with the previous video about how to add variations via upload.

Using Tactical Arbitrage Variations Tool to Make Buying Decisions

This video covers how to use the variations tool within the Tactical Arbitrage online software to analyze a potential shoe buy. The tool automates the process of looking at data on each shoe variation of a parent ASIN so you can make a smart sourcing decision.

Using Keepa Variations Tab to Make Buying Decisions

One of many great features of the Keepa online tool is its variations tab. Within a Keepa graph, you can click the tab to show info on all the child variations of the parent ASIN you are analyzing. This video shows how to use the tab to pull up the variation data and make a smarter sourcing decision for shoes.

Optimize Your eBay Listings when Importing from Amazon with JoeLister

Imagine getting more people to see your shoes for sale. More shoppers means more sales, and in this video we’ll show you a valuable tip for using a third-party service called JoeLister. JoeLister is a service that seamlessly lists select items directly from your Amazon inventory on to eBay, and if a shoe sale happens on eBay JoeLister automatically has Amazon ship that pair of shoes to your eBay customer. In this video we’ll show you how to optimize your eBay listings when you’re importing your shoe inventory from Amazon to eBay via JoeLister. This bonus video will help increase your shoe sales on eBay.

8 PDF Bonuses:

Checklist of Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting To Buy Shoes – When you’re just starting out with buying shoes to sell on Amazon, there are nine critical questions you need to ask yourself before you head out on your first shoe sourcing trip. These questions will help you know if you’re really ready (or not) to take the plunge into sourcing shoes to sell on Amazon.

Shoe Buying Parameters Worksheet – It’s important to decide ahead of time what your parameters are for your shoe sourcing strategy. This worksheet is a list of over 25 questions to consider when coming up with your own personal shoe sourcing parameters for your Amazon business. This worksheet will help you make better informed sourcing decisions and will help you not fall into the trap of an impulse buy that might come back to haunt you later.

Tools For Sourcing Shoes – In this list you will find our top tools that we recommend for sourcing shoes to sell via Amazon FBA. We only give recommendations for tools that we use on a regular basis. In some cases, similar products may be available which work just fine also, but this list only includes the ones we personally have experience with and prefer to use in our FBA business.

How to “Normalize” a Shoe Listing – Sometimes you might find a shoe listing in the Amazon catalog where one or more elements of the listing do not conform to the Amazon seller guidelines. When you see something wrong with a product page, it could very well be in your best interest to spend a little time and open a ticket with Seller Central, especially if your item has been sitting at the FBA warehouse for a while without selling. This step-by step PDF walks you through the process of fixing those issues.

Inspection and Prepping Checklist – There are a multitude of factors to check and inspect to make sure your shoes are ready to be sold on Amazon. Once they’re ready, then it’s time to prep the shoes to be sent to the Amazon warehouse. This checklist will make sure you don’t miss a single step in making sure your shoes are ready to be shipped to Amazon and that your buyer will be a very happy customer.

Increase Your Amazon FBA Shoe Sales with Multi-Channel Fulfillment on eBay – Once you have built up your Amazon FBA shoes inventory, a great way to get more sales is to use multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) to sell your shoes on eBay. You can use a third-party service to automate your multi-channel fulfillment. This PDF will help you streamline the listing process on eBay and will help you avoid multiple headaches in trying to deal with balancing your Amazon inventory with your eBay sales.

Sell Your Amazon Returns and Problem Shoes Using Poshmark – Every once in a while a shoe you sold on Amazon will get returned to you no longer in brand new condition. There’s several options for other platforms for selling these “used” shoes, but the best platform we have found is Poshmark: the number one destination to sell gently used clothing and shoes. In this PDF, we’ll walk you through how to maximize your opportunity to sell your returned or “problem” shoes on Poshmark.

Checklist for Taking Attractive Poshmark Photos – The best way to get lots of sales on Poshmark is to create quality listings that give customers an attractive photo and a detailed description of your shoes . In this bonus PDF, we’ll show you the best (and easiest) way to take attractive, high-quality photos that will set your shoes apart from the competition and increase your shoe sales on Poshmark. No fancy camera required!

The Reseller’s Guide to Black Friday

The Fool-proof Strategy to Rock Black Friday Sales Every Year

What You Get:

In The Reseller’s Guide to Black Friday, you’ll be able to:

  • Make​ p​​​​​​​re-Black Friday cash
  • ​Know where to look to find all the best deals
  • ​Make the best decisions on the big day
  • ​Understand why you need to make this day part of your business
  • ​Know how to make the best use of your time, money, and energy
  • ​Create the perfect strategy that will work best for your situation
  • ​Find profitable inventory no one else sees
  • ​Build a solid team to help you spend less time and make even more profits
  • ​Make post-Black Friday cash

 Access to the 2019 Black Friday master class replay

Get exclusive access to Stephen and the Queen of Black Friday herself, Kristin Ostrander. In this exclusive online master class, you’ll have the opportunity to hear even more valuable information as Kristin and Stephen both walk you through how they each prepare for Black Friday. We’ll show you our proven strategies for how to make the most of Black Friday sales both before, during, and after Black Friday.


Access to the 2018 Black Friday Master Class Webinar and Q&A Session Replay – Want even more Black Friday teachings? Watch last year’s Black Friday master class where the Queen of Black Friday, Kristin Ostrander, and Stephen Smotherman shared tons of valuable information about Black Friday. You’ll be able to see exactly how Kristin prepares for Black Friday, using examples from the 2018 Black Friday ads. You’ll also have the opportunity to watch the Q&A time after the master class where Kristin and Stephen answer some in-depth questions from the viewers.

​Black Friday Checklist –  Print out this checklist to make 100% sure that you have remembered everything you need to make the most of the Black Friday sales. From the pre-planning strategy to the big day, this checklist will insure that you don’t miss any of the important steps or supplies to make this Black Friday your most profitable Friday ever.

Black Friday Buy List –  Print this Buy List and fill it in to know exactly what you are looking for at each store you shop at on Black Friday. Don’t rely on your memory to remember everything. You can print out as many Buy Lists as you need for each store. At the store, you’ll be armed with all the knowledge you need to get in fast, buy the best items, and get home before the sun goes down.

Black Friday Master Class Slide Deck (NEW!) – Download the slides from the online master class webinar where we discuss exactly how to profit from Black Friday sales before, during, and after Black Friday. Cut down on the notes you need to take from the master class by reading through these slides packed with Black Friday strategies for both retail arbitrage and online arbitrage.

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